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Nothing New In This “Retelling” | Romancing Snow White by Karen Kiefer

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book review romancing snow white kiefer

Huge fan of fairy tale retellings here and this short story, which I started and finished over my lunch hour, certainly fits the bill. However, it falls short of being a true retelling.

Basically, Keifer took Snow White’s story, changed the character names slightly (and not very creatively, IMO) and then attempted to tell the story from the point of view of self-centered, vain Prince Charming.

There’s nothing new except for injecting a feisty, almost offensive personality into Bones (Doc). Snow White comes across as weak damsel who everyone is obsessed with. Beyond her beauty, there’s not much in her head.

This is a lighter read and if you are looking for a palate cleanser that might deliver a couple of chuckles, this might be a good read. But if you are looking for a fresh take on a classic fairy tale, keep moving along. There’s nothing new here.


book review romancing snow white kiefer

The Quick Review

Romancing Snow White: A Prince Charmaine Story

Author: Karen Kiefer
Published on: August 6, 2011
Pages: 54
Genres: fairy tales & folklore, romance
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My Rating: Thumbs Down





book review romancing snow white kiefer