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Back away from the Social Media. Back away!

Posted on February 15, 2017 «
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social media cutbacks

My Social Media Cutbacks

As many bloggers know the most important thing after writing a post is to shamelessly promote your blog post via social media. There are a number of networks out there to send and share your posts. Until recently, I was pushing my posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (does anyone still use Google+?), Pinterest and LinkedIn (I still haven’t figured out LinkedIn’s purpose and I was job hunting for 2+ years.). About a month ago, I decided I needed to cut back.

In addition to writing and coding posts, which I normally do simultaneously, it was taking me over an hour to get the first draft of a post done. Then you have to add in time for creating any social media images because everyone wants pictures and hunting down the perfect gif because EMOTION. The last step is scheduling social media posts. Since I utilize CoSchedule (affiliate link), I make a point, most of the time, to schedule my social media posts after my first draft is done. This is my least favorite part of blogging.

Look at me, me, me!

Why? I hate promoting myself. I suck at writing catchy short headlines. I suck at determining which hashtags to use because I rarely click on hashtags unless something stupid is trending on Twitter and I can’t figure out what all the hub-bub is about. I just don’t like putting myself out there.

So I decided that I’m going to limit myself to Facebook and Twitter. If I have a quote to share, I’ll share that to Pinterest because that’s where I go to find cool quotes for Scenic Sundays. Those are the two…three…social media sites I use the most. I usually find myself sharing other blog posts via Twitter the most because some of you are really awesome at writing headlines that draw me in and I love promoting all of you.

And while JetPack informs me that in 2016, I received 939 hits from Facebook and 602 from Twitter, I still don’t have much confidence in my social media abilities. And this is a hobby for me and I can’t let my hobby take over my life (at this point).


How the Others Stacked Up

Google+ (6 hits), Pinterest (7 hits) and LinkedIn (34 hits) didn’t even crack the Top 10 referrers according to Jetpack at the end of 2016.


What’s My Goal?

I’m hoping that by narrowing my social media focus to two, or at the most three, social media sites, I’ll feel less stress and be able to focus on improving my overall social media presence.


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So how do you promote your blog? What social media sites to you use and how to you manage it?



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