Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge Day 6: The Best Books of 2013

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The Best Books of 2013

For me it is a tie between Seraphina and The Night Circus. Both books really struck a cord with me. Hartman and Morgenstern did a marvelous job creating unique worlds that I wanted to actively be a part of. I read The Night Circus in one day which rarely happens for me. I wish someone would write music to go along with Seraphina. Music plays such a big part for the main character that’s you can almost feel the pages vibrate with it.

The other books that made my list:

Looking back at my 2013 Read list, I would add one more book. I just keep recommending it to my friends so it would be shame not to add it to the list. Traveler by Dennis W. Green. It was the first book I reviewed on my blog.

Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge


7 responses to “Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge Day 6: The Best Books of 2013

  1. I finally decided to give The Night Circus a go. Besides, I found out that Traveler can currently be read on Goodreads…so I will oblige (jk).

  2. The Night Circus is my favorite book of all time! I want to get ‘Reveur’ tattooed on my wrist some day. You obviously have good taste, so I’m off to see if Seraphina is available on audible, because I have a couple of credits to burn!