Book Review #20: Capricious (Back to Bad #1) by Jade Eby

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Book Review #20: Capricious (Back to Bad #1) by Jade Eby


Author: Jade Eby
Series: Back to Bad #1
Genres: anthologies and short stories, new adult, romance, thrillers
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Also in this series: Voracious, Malicous, Audacious, Tenacious

My Rating: Thumbs Up


Capricious is the latest short story by Jade Eby that was released in mid-January 2014. I had it on my list of must read books for 2014 back in early January and it did not disappoint.

In just 32 short pages, Eby paints a tragic picture of the main character. Lacey is in a tough situation and she is forced to go back to an old “friend” for help. The story takes an unexpected turn in the end that will have you screaming, but it is worth the ride.

Eby does a great job showing the desperation of the characters and creating locales that seem very real. I’ve never stepped foot in a strip club, but with the vivid descriptions in the story, I could probably fake it if someone asked me and I wanted to seem cool. Jade also does a great job of building the suspense that doesn’t get downplayed or over played in the end. It’s a sweet spot that some authors who write this type of story can easily miss.

This is the second story by Jade that I’ve read. This one, like the first, gets a thumbs up. I’m looking forward to her second full length novel, The Finish, coming out later this year.


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