The Sunday Post #17: Week of March 30, 2014

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The Sunday Post
The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted
by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

I’m sorry for being a bit silent in the blogosphere. It’s been a busy few weeks at work, but things should somewhat normalize starting next Saturday. I do have posts queued up to post so please comment and know that I’m reading your comments. I just don’t have much time to respond right now. As a result, this may be a bit of SUPER-SIZED Sunday Post as I didn’t have my personal laptop with me last week with all the great links I had found.

What’s Happening on the Center Stage

  • Review: “A Plague of Zombies” by Diana Gabaldon
  • Feature & Follow #195 invited participants to share their best April Fool’s Pranks!
  • This week’s quote of the week is all about love.
  • My Strange Logic for Traveling with an e-Reader picked up some steam on Twitter as well this week. I got a retweet from author Dennis W. Green and favorites from Digg Technology and Reddit Technology.
  • And while there wasn’t favorable reaction from other readers to my review of “The Plague of Zombies,” author Nancy Christie is thrilled with my review of her short story “Alice in Wonderland.”
    • So thrilled in fact her publisher reached out to me with an offer to review one of Ms. Christie’s other short stories.
  • Besides a business trip last week and this week, I did get a bit of personal time in. My friend, Erin, and I travelled to Chicago for Chi-Fi 0 and took in the Disney exhibit that the Museum of Science and Industry.
  • And I finally saw Frozen! In fact, I saw it twice once in 3-D with my husband and then with my sister, my niece and nephew in 2-D. The wait was worth it. I’ll share my thoughts soon! And that leads me to my pictures of the week. Here are my dates for the 2-D version of Frozen.

What’s Happening on Other Stages

Holding Auditions
I did a lot of traveling last week. I was in South Carolina visiting a client and watching loads of Castle re-runs at my hotel. Upon my return, my husband and I did finish season 3 of The Game of Thrones and will now watch social media closely to see how non-readers of the series will react to the surprises in store for the second half of book 3. For those of you who are fans of the show, if you haven’t seen the Honest Trailer for the TV series you have to check it out.

What did you read or watch this week? Anything good? Something I should add to my to-read or to-watch list?


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