The Sunday Post #18: Week of April 6, 2014

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The Sunday Post
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What’s Happening on the Center Stage

What’s Happening on Other Stages
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway in association with the upcoming release of This Crumbling Pageant by Patricia Burroughs.
  • Share your favorite Summer Dream Camp over at Alison Can Read.
  • Did you know that e-Books have been around for 40 years?! Check out this infographic.
  • In my non-book blogging life, I subscribe to The Daily Blur and one of the daily emails this week I felt was worth sharing with all my fellow bloggers: The Top 40 Website Fundamentals For Small Businesses.
  • Check out Apocalypse Later: Why Dystopian Novels Speak To Us by Josh Corman.
  • This week I started and “quickly” abandoned Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin. I felt like I was chewing scenery and not make progress in the book and then suddenly after about 250 pages the “main” characters are gone! The book is 700 pages long. WTH! There’s a right way and a wrong way for an author to “disappear” a character or characters. Book Riot compiled a list about this very topic recently: How to Kill Off Characters.
  • My picture of the week! It’s finally spring in Iowa and I grilled out twice last week. TWICE!!
Holding Auditions

What did you read or watch this week? Anything good? Something I should add to my to-read or to-watch list?