Rewind Review 02: The Break-Up Psychic by Emily Hemmer

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A lighthearted romance novel about letting go and seeking love. Delightful!

This book follows the basic romantic comedy premise of a young girl down on love finding love when she least expects it. The main character’s personality, due to Emily Hemmer’s strong writing skills, jumps off the page even if the story is predictable. In contrast to many books in this genre, the main character, Ellie, is bright and vivacious. She’s a girl you would want to be friends with. I think may female readers will identify with Ellie’s go-get-’em attitude even when things don’t seem to go her way.

This isn’t a genre I read often. Once or twice a year, I find a I need a book like this to brighten my dark young adult dystopian and adult historical fiction reading ways. With Charlaine Harris bringing the Sookie Stackhouse series to an end, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Emily Hemmer for when I need lighter reading fare.


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