A Note from the Director: A Few of My Favorite Things #01

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I am a reader. And since I am a reader I rarely, if ever, go anywhere without a book. I’m also a girl and am required, by some kind of unknown girl law, to carry a purse. Said purse has certain requirements.

  1. The purse must not be too big.
    • I don’t have kids; I don’t need a mom bag.
    • The purse must not weigh a ton.
    • My shoulders are pretty weak due to a shoulder injury in college so I don’t like a lot of extra weigh pulling on them.
  2. The purse can’t be too girly.
    • I’m a girl, but I’m not 12. I don’t want glitter and flowers and bright colors.
    • I don’t change my purse with the seasons so it better go with everything.
  3. The purse must be worth the money I’m paying for it.
    • I’m cheap, but I’ll dish out the cash if I see the value in something.
  4. The purse must be able to hold a book and/or my Nook Color with case.
    • I’ll refer you back to opening lines of this post.

After weeks of searching the local stores, I started looking for something online. Thanks to Etsy I found the PERFECT purse. Drum roll, please!

Images courtesy of BorsaBella.com

This amazing woman, Melissa, out in Washington makes these awesome bags in many different sizes that fit my Nook Color (or smaller book) in a separate pocket. Plus there are additional pockets inside that hold my iPhone, wallet and a pen. I can also keep a packet of travel tissues and folding stand for my Nook inside. The front zipper pocket holds mints, gum, headphones (I can’t wear earbuds.) and other assorted things I jam in there.

In addition to the Borsetta, I’ve purchased one Short Zip Phone bag along with a $5 strap which fits my iPhone some cash and my ID when I got to events like concerts and the Farmer’s Market. And I’ve also got one of the Catch All Bags which up until recently fit all my charging cords for my gadgets. I just kept the bag on my desk and then would grab it when I was heading out on the road for trip.

Borsa Bella bags are worth the cash. I’ve actually purchased two of these bags. After a couple years, I wanted a new pattern and passed along my old one to my sister. The bags are machine washable and are very durable! If you like the Borsa Bella page on Facebook, you can keep an eye on sales and contests. I love my Borsa Bella bags and encourage you to check them out!

Borsa Bella Design Co.
Website | Etsy Store | Facebook

Do you have a favorite bag or cover to carry your gadgets? How did you find it? What makes is special?