Christmas in July! Reveal

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Do you like books? Do you like Christmas? Do you like Christmas to arrive early?! Well, Kate and Kristen over at The Book Monsters host an event called Christmas in July. They are hosting a Christmas in July Book Swap and there is still time to participate.

I was paired with the lovely Lori from Palmer’s Page Turners. Lori has always loved reading and was luck enough to have parents who encouraged her love of reading. She currently lives in Oregon with her husband and four cats. When she not reading she can be found doing ballet, cooking, watching football or maybe enjoying a cup of joe or glass of fine wine at Pressed Coffee & Wine Bar.

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Well, Lori is my new best friend. While I did not include in my Christmas Wish List that my favorite scents a a combination of coffee and new books, she hit the mark because that is exactly what my box smelled like upon opening it. I can’t wait to make iced coffee with the fresh coffee beans she shipped!

Thanks, Lori. I love the book, the coffee and the beautiful card!


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