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I am a huge fan of local flavor. Growing up in the Midwest and on a farm, I’ve had access to wonderful food most of my life. Over the last couple of years, I’ve really tried to rediscover what local flavor means to me. I love visiting farmer’s markets and going to local restaurants over national chains. I was really excited when I saw the opportunity to participate in this swap over on Gin’s Book Notes.

Participation is easy! Just head over to Chaotic Goddess Swaps and sign up. All the instructions are there, but here are a few important dates to remember.

Important Dates to Remember
Sign-Ups Close on July 28th, 2014
Partners Assigned on July 30th, 2014
Packages Ship between August 15th and August 16th, 2014
Swap Show-Off Post/Linky goes life on August 20th!

I hope you’ll join today.