Back to School Challenge Day 05: Dedicated to the Ones I Love

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Back to School Book Blogger Challenge

Day 05:Share your own story about what or who fostered the love of reading in yourself.

Oh, boy, I could go on for ages about this. And I kind of do over on my Meet the Cast page. So if you want the details of exactly how these people influenced me, you should check it out.

  • Mrs. Veissleman, my first and second grade teacher
  • Ms. Kephart, my fifth grade teacher
  • My mother
  • Ms. Allevan, a high school English teacher
  • Ms. Vondrachek, a high school English teacher
  • Ms. Symond (ne’ Martin), a high school English teacher
  • My co-workers
  • My horrible teenage years when I hated everyone and everything. Books were an escape and still are for me.
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