Challenge Accepted: My 2014 Reading Challenges Update #08 + The State of My Blog

Posted on August 27, 2014 «
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UPDATE! There’s been some interest from others about joining in on my new feature. I’ve created an interest form. Please fill it out if you would like to participate in Scenic Sundays.

There’s some changes coming folks. I hinted at it last week during the Back to School Book Blogger Challenge. And while I initially thought I would wait until the New Year to roll out a feature for my photography, after working on a couple photo projects (Project #1 and Project #2) this last weekend, I decided to roll it out starting in September.

My last The Sunday Post will be on August 31, 2014. While I have enjoyed doing The Sunday Post , it has become somewhat rote for me and I’m not really investing time to think about that post. I just list what I posted on my blog and what’s coming up. I don’t buy many books so adding a book haul seems a bit much and I’m not that great at keeping track. I do plan to stop by The Sunday Post each week because there are some wonderful participants and I love reading their recaps every week.

So what’s Sunday hold for Second Run Reviews if there will be no Sunday Post? I’m starting a new feature. Thanks to some encouragement after my Meet & Greet Feature over on Gin’s Book Blog, I’m starting Scenic Sunday. Each Sunday I will post one image from my thousands of photographs along with one quote. So in addition to leaving The Sunday Post behind, I’m moving my Quote of the Week feature to Sundays. I’ve got the first several posts planned out with some beautiful images. Some of them will look professional, others maybe not so much. But by starting this new feature, I’m going to be able to share two of my favorite things…images and words. I do hope you’ll stop by and maybe subscribe to Second Run Reviews to have the Scenic Sunday delivered right to your inbox.

GoodReads Challenge Update

37 of 52 books read.
13,411 pages of 20,000 read.
6,589 pages remaining

January: 665 pages (3.33%)
February: 1,451 pages (7.26%)
March: 3,745 pages (18.73%)
April: 6701 pages (33.5%)
May: 8,202 pages (41.01%)
June: 10,130 pages (50.65%)
July: 13,411 pages (67.71%)
August: ??,??? pages (??.??%)
September: ??,??? pages (??.??%)
October: ??,??? pages (??.??%)
November: ??,??? pages (??.??%)
December: ??,??? pages (??.??%)

Goal: 10 Books
  1. The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl
    by Barry Lyga
  2. The End of Illness by David B. Agus, M.D.
  3. Allegiant by Veronica Roth
  4. A Plague of Zombies by Diana Gabaldon
  5. Capricious by Jade Eby
  6. Ashen Winter by Mike Mullin
  7. A Horse Called Trouble by C.K. Volnek
  8. The Reluctant Assassin (W.A.R.P. #1) by Eoin Colfer

  1. Allegiant by Veronica Roth.
  2. Sunrise by Mike Mullin

The State of Second Run Reviews

As of August 1,2014, here where things stand with Second Run Reviews.

So how are you doing with your reading goals? I’m continuing to read books, but not necessarily those that were in my TBR pile at the start of the year. I need to fix that. If you are a blogger, what is the state of your blog?