Chaotic Goddess Swaps: Local Flavor Swap

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I was paired with the lovely Beverly from Booklady’s Booknotes. Beverly is a librarian (LUCKY!), a military wife and mother of two. She lives in Colorado Springs. I was really excited to receive Beverly’s package last week as work has been rough and I needed a pick me up!

Here’s a list of the items Beverly sent me to give me a taste of Colorado Springs.

  • A beautiful letter and collage of photos in a nice folder
  • A t-shirt from The Air Force Academy
  • A selection of postcards and a magnet
  • Finn Finnigan by Darby Karchut, a local author
  • A wonderful bottle of Merlot with a wine glass
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolates
  • A Colorado Spring coffee mug

Beverly did write a wonderful letter. If you click the image below you can read it in detail. BookladyLetter

Thank you, Beverly, for all the awesome goodies. I’m eating the chocolate very slowly and will be enjoying the wine soon. I hope you enjoyed your package from Iowa.


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