Thoughtful Thursday: My Childhood Aspirations

Posted on September 4, 2014 «
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A couple weeks ago, Feature & Follow asked for questions they could use. I came up with a pretty extensive list and with the start of school for many and news that NASA is developing a new rocket, this one has stuck with me.

When you were in grade school, what did you want to be
when you grew up? Why?

At one point, I wanted to be a nurse. And then in grade school that shifted. We started studying space and we followed Christa McAuliffe‘s journey through the NASA space program. My dream changed. I wanted to be an astronaut.

I stuck with the dream of being an astronaut a long time. As I grew older, I discovered that math and science were not my strongest subjects in classes. And then I realized that there was no way I could survive some of the training that astronauts endure. Heck, I can’t even ride a roller coaster without freaking out.

So I focused on the fact that Christa was a teacher and pursued that. While, in the end, I didn’t end up in the classroom, I have worked in the Education field for 14 years now. It wasn’t a traditional path and isn’t a traditional education career, but I love it and can’t imagine doing anything else (except maybe working at Walt Disney World…ah, retirement!).

How about you? What did you dream of being when you grew up? Are you doing that now? Share in comments!