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And the Oscar Buzz has already officially begun. It was announced yesterday that Neil Patrick Harris will be this year’s Oscar host! For me, of the recent hosts, my favorite Oscars host was Jon Stewart. I’ve watched The Daily Show since I was in college and have always enjoyed his brand of humor. I know that many people were not pleased with his performance on the Oscars, but being the Oscars host is a thankless job. The expectations are quite high for the show and most critics, I feel, are too harsh.

I am stoked about the Academy’s choice of Neil. While I haven’t watched the Tonys in ages, I’ve heard marvelous things about Harris’s hosting talent. And not to put too much pressure on Harris, I certainly hope that this year’s Oscars Ceremony will be LEGENDARY!

How about you? Are you looking forward to Neil’s turn as Oscars host? Who is your favorite awards show host? What Oscars worthy movies have you seen this year?


5 responses to “A Note from the Director: The Oscars Buzz

  1. Rosa Silva

    I’m a huge fan of Neil Patrick Harris since the Doogie Howser series. He’s a great choice!

  2. I don’t keep up with award shows generally, but I do love Neil Patrick Harris, so I may make an exception. I don’t actually know what movies are up… I probably haven’t seen them (which is why I don’t watch normally).

    • Nominations won’t be announced until after the 1st of the year. And just keep an eye on my blog! The Oscars are my Super Bowl!
      Terri M. LeBlanc
      Second Run Reviews: secondrunreviews.com
      Twitter: @2ndRunReviews

  3. Tanja

    I totally agree that Neil is a great host and I’m sure he will do a great job! I cannot wait to watch it. Soon! 😉 Thanks for sharing, Terri 🙂