ICON 39: Pre-Show Madness

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And so begins the insanity of a Con weekend. A year of hard work all comes together starting tonight with our HUGE author event at Barnes and Noble. It will be an exercise of my book buying obsession to NOT buy a book from every author present. If I did, I probably wouldn’t be able to buy groceries next week.

Here’s a list of the authors we currently expect to be in attendance.

  1. Joe (and Gay) Haldeman
  2. Lar DeSouza
  3. Elizabeth Bear
  4. Scott Lynch
  5. Jim Hines
  6. Mickey Zucker Reichert
  7. Dennis Green
  8. Beth Hudson
  9. T.J. Silver
  10. Jed Peterson
  11. Michael Koogler
  12. Rachel Aukes
  13. Catherine Schaff-Stump
  14. A.R. Miller
  15. Sarah Prineas
  16. Adam Whitlatch
  17. Rachel Eliason
  18. Aaron Bunce
  19. LaShawn Wanak
  20. Melissa Conroy
  21. Tara Tolly
  22. Shannon Ryan
  23. Kathryn Sullivan
  24. Stormy Smith

This is a free event at the Barnes & Noble in Cedar Rapids on Thursday, October 30 starting at 6:30 PM. If you are in the neighborhood, please drop by and say, HI! Oh, and you can still join us for ICON 39 which starts on October 31.