Book Review #49 + Giveaway: Blood Entwines by Caroline Healy

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Book Review #49 + Giveaway: Blood Entwines by Caroline Healy

Blood Entwines

Author: Caroline Healy
Published on: 2014-08-01
Pages: 240
Genres: mystery, paranormal, thrillers, young adult
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My Rating: Thumbs Up


I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Rating: Thumbs Up

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I was pleasantly surprised by Blood Entwines by Caroline Healy. It’s a unique take on paranormal young adult fiction that doesn’t appear to include the requisite glittery vampires and sexy werewolves. Instead, there is a faceless man who does devious things and is on the hunt for the two main characters, Kara and Hannah.

Ms. Healy does a great job managing several different threads of the story. We see how different characters view the situation. While some stereotypical teenage storylines do occur (drug use and queen bee manipulation), the unique voices of Kara, Hannah and the Faceless Man come shining through. They are why I kept reading even if the other characters did predictable things that made me roll my eyes. At least Kara and Hannah didn’t get too caught up in it and were able to brush off those events and keep the focus on them.

While the author does juggle several different threads of the story well, at times I felt there were a few too many characters to follow. Ashleigh and Ben were just cogs in the plot to create a normal teen world that was decidedly not normal from the point that Kara awakes after her accident. I would have liked to see them be more be more connected to the main plot or not part of the story at all. Hannah and Kara had enough going on in their lives to forego, in my opinion, the normal teen stuff. With fewer characters muddying the waters, there would have been more time for Kara and Hannah to do research on their unusual skills and how the Faceless Man was connected to them. I was silently urging Kara and Hannah to do a Google search on their skills and get connected with others like them!

I loved the voice of the Faceless Man. Like Kara and Hannah, I have no idea who he is and what his connection is to the plot at large, but he makes my skin crawl. Ms. Healy was able to create a distinct voice for this character that oozes with evil. I had to brace myself each time the font face changed because he gave me the willies!

Blood Entwines is a fresh new look at paranormal fiction. I’m excited by the prospect of learning more about the Faceless Man and Kara’s and Hannah’s unique skills. I just hope the Faceless Man doesn’t haunt MY dreams tonight. Blood Entwines receives a thumbs up.

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About Caroline Healy

headshot caroline healy

Caroline Healy is a writer and community arts facilitator. She recently completed her M.A. in Creative Writing at the Seamus Heaney Centre, Queen’s University. She alternates her time between procrastination and making art.

In 2012 her award winning short story collection A Stitch in Time was published by Doire Press. Fiction and commentary has been featured in publications across Ireland, the U.K. and more recently in the U.S. Caroline’s work can be found in journals such as Wordlegs,The Bohemyth, Short Story Ireland, Short Stop U.K., Five Stop Story, Prole, Literary Orphans and the Irish Writers’ Centre Lonely Voice

Her debut Y.A. novel, Blood Entwines was published by Bloomsbury Spark in August 2014 and she is in the process of writing the second book in the series, Blood Betrayal, as well as a short story collection, The House of Water.

She has a fondness for dark chocolate, cups of tea and winter woollies.


4 responses to “Book Review #49 + Giveaway: Blood Entwines by Caroline Healy

  1. stormi34

    This sounds like a really interesting book, I like a reprieve from glittery vampires and sexy Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. 🙂

    • The main bad guy was really freaky! I would get goosebumps every time the font would change to indicate he was coming on scene.

      Terri M. LeBlanc, the Director
      Second Run Reviews

  2. candacerobinson

    I’m really glad you ended up enjoying this one! Thank you so much for hosting a tour stop and reviewing!