Thoughtful Thursday: A Tweet Challenge

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Thoughtful Thursday was inspired by Reading is Fun Again. I recently purchased the book 642 Tiny Things to Write About, compiled by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto, as a way to challenge myself and keep the spirit of Thoughtful Thursday alive. Feel free to join in.


Boil down Hamlet, Shakespeare’s longest play to a tweet.
Power-Hungry Uncle. Mad Prince. Drowned Girlfriend. Poisoned Mother. Death consumes all. Fortinbras for the win.
Now tweet the plot of the original Star Wars
Luke, Leia, Han and a Wookie go on adventures to save the galaxy, I think. Not really sure, I watched Star Trek. #LiveLongAndProsper
Tweet the story of your life…so far.
Former Minnesotan becomes a master organizer from Iowa. #storyofmylife
Tweet your day, so far.
Have you done this? How about that? When will you do this? What about that? NOTHING IS EVER ON TIME! #mylifeismadness


2 responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: A Tweet Challenge

  1. TheSeedQueen

    I’m not a tweeter, nor do I know the story of Hamlet or Star Wars that well, but…

    My life so far:
    From farm girl to graphic designer to homemaker & mom on a farm. Living my dream.

    My day so far:
    525,600 questions. How do you measure the day of a mom?