Book Review 65: Stuck by Jade Eby

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Stuck is a departure from the bad girls that Jade usually writes about. Overall, the story is short, sweet and provides a few chuckles. It’s worth subscribing to Jade’s newsletter to get your hands on this pleasing short story that you can enjoy while sipping your favorite cup of coffee, tea or wine.

“You need to get ahold of yourself,” Terri, the librarian from the adult section says from behind me.

I send her a glare that’s supposed to be menacing but give up halfway there and smile instead. She’s impossible to be mad at.

“Don’t give me dirty looks, missy. I’m not the one giving Damian googly eyes.”

“Shh. I do not have googly eyes, Terri. Don’t you have some old lady looking for a bodice ripper you need to help?” I ask, putting the gossip magazine back where it belongs.


About the Book

Book Review 65: Stuck by Jade Eby


Author: Jade Eby
Pages: 24
Genres: anthologies and short stories, humor, new adult, romance
Goodreads • My Rating: Thumbs Up

I received this book free from the author for subscribing to her newsletter.