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Well, I don’t have that many physical books on my bookshelf (46), but my virtual bookshelf is quite atrocious (127). While going through my books, I did discover 4 books that were in the middle of a series and not book one. I decided to purge one of the books and then create a bookshelf on GoodReads called Partial Series so I can keep track of those and be on the lookout for the other books.

So I started to ask myself why I have so many unread electronic books. Well, I can’t resist a good deal—especially if that deal involves the word FREE. And my main physical bookshelf is right next to my bed so I see it every morning and every night. While I do carry my Nook with me every where, I can’t see the books on there with just a simple glance. So here’s what I’ve done. I took screenshots of the cover of EVERY eBook I own that I haven’t read and I stuck them in an album on Flickr. I’ve also dropped a small chunk of change and got the images printed and placed in an album so I can flip through them when I’m looking for the next book to read. The album will live on the shelf with my physical to-be-read books.

My eBook Photo Books


So what’s on your TBR list? How do you plan to organize your TBR pile this year? How do you manage to read the eBooks you accumulate on your eReader?


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41 responses to “Shelf Love Challenge: My TBR Piles

  1. Julie S.

    Wow, I’m impressed with your organization! Screenshots and a printed album? Well I have waaaaay too many ebooks on my kindle accumulated from those dang freebie emails (say thousands) so I can’t even begin to do all that or even add them to my GR shelf yet lol.

    • Well, I have to pick up the prints yet and put them in an album. 🙂 But that’s on the docket for tomorrow as the local place I order my prints from offers a discount for digital orders on Fridays.

      Terri M., the Director
      Second Run Reviews

  2. Good idea with the picture album. I won’t even tell you about my electronic shelves. UGH!!! Or my physical ones. I’m hoping to get through a lot of those books this year. =)

  3. Steph Black

    I’ve had the same thought about my TBR!! I can never pass up a good deal, but then I forget I have them because they are on my Kindle. I’ve been working on organization and I love what you’ve started doing. Really, really like the idea of a printed album of eBook covers!!

  4. TheSeedQueen

    It makes me think of that quote from ‘End of Your Life Book Club’ by Will Schwalbe, “I often seek electronic books, but they never come after me.”

  5. Kaitlin Michelle

    That is such a good idea to print the covers of books you have!! I am totally stealing that! I need to post my tbr soon.

  6. Silvara

    I have over 700 unread books on my Kindle. I ‘bought’ a bunch of free books when I first got my Kindle, and pick up anything free that sounds interesting when I think to look for new freebies. My physical TBR pile is sitting at around 75 books at the moment as well.

    So I don’t really keep track of them as such. If nothing on my actual TBR shelf appeals when I go looking for my next book, I’ll pull out my Kindle and load up Amazon and then start plugging in titles that sound interesting. If the descriptions makes me want to read it, that’s the next book I read.

    You are far more organized than I am. Printing out the covers of every TBR book on my Kindle would take me weeks. And I’d rather be reading!

  7. Topcho

    This is so neat, I love it! The actual titles too, by the way 🙂 Hah, I’m not supposed to pick up new titles in this kind of challenge! XD
    Thanks for stopping by my sign up post 🙂 The huge book on the bottom is actually the box edition of Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking, so it’s actually three books! It’d really be a monster otherwise!

  8. lynnmpoppe .

    I’m a sucker for the free books as well. And I like the idea for a shelf for books in a series. I’m stealing it for my Goodreads!

    • I need to be better at researching free books. I discovered this weekend that 2 of the short stories I read were part (or now part of) a larger series.

      Terri M. , the Director
      Second Run Reviews

  9. thebookmagpie

    That album is such a good idea! I definitely think I’ll print out my to read shelves once I’ve got printer ink, seems like such a good motivational tool. I have separate (physical) read and unread shelves, and seeing books move from one to the other works the same way for me.

    • My printer doesn’t do well with pictures or printing on smaller sized paper so I sent them to a local photo place and had them print them all up.

      Terri M. , the Director
      Second Run Reviews

  10. NovaReylin

    What an amazing idea!!! How much time did this take you? I so want to do this! How did you divide the books? I’m thinking if I do this that I’ll divide them by genre. I have so, so, SO many books in my Kindle that it is ridiculous. This may be an upfront cost of time but the overall ability to see what you have? Priceless!!

    • Maybe an hour or two in the end? I’ll see if I can get a How-To post put together in the next week.

      I just did them alphabetical by author.

      Terri M. , the Director
      Second Run Reviews

      • NovaReylin

        Awesome! I’ll be looking for that post! Otherwise I’ll venture into trying this myself. I cannot believe it only took an hour! Still amazed at this idea and hope to get to my own soon! And then I’ll have to do my hubby’s because he loves this idea too. 😀

  11. Bec

    I am too scared to look at my full eBook tbr. It’s probably as long, if not longer, than my physical tbr. Damn all those amazon deals!

    • Amazon has been the bane of my book existence. Especially once my friend showed me how to convert books from the Amazon file type to ePub using Calibre.

      However, 5 days into the challenge and I haven’t purchased a single book (free or otherwise!). Now one of my favorite authors does release a book tomorrow, but I’ve been saving some Christmas gift cards for just such an occasion.

      Terri M. , the Director
      Second Run Reviews

  12. I’m a sucker for free Kindle books too! My goodreads list is a little out of control right now. That’s a cool idea to make a book album. A lot of work though.

    Everthing is on my TBR list, books I own, books on my kindle, books that just look good. I’m still working on the organization thing. Read my accumulated ebooks? Nah.

    No book buying challenge? What madness is this!

    • Well, there are lots of caveats and you can do a book budget instead of not buying at all. 🙂 We all know it is so hard to resist!

      Terri M. , the Director
      Second Run Reviews

  13. Nicole Hewitt

    I LOVE your idea of printing up a booklet with all of your Kindle books. I find that those books are out of sight, out of mind most of the time. Even just putting the books on Flickr is a great idea (or maybe I could pin them on Pinterest …)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  14. Liliana

    Oh my gods! That is a fantastic idea! I may have to do something similar because that is the same reason why a lot of my e-book go neglected and unread! Such a great idea! 🙂

  15. Reading Wench

    I’ve been reading through your list of favorite posts while you’re on break, and I couldn’t remember reading this one. I started laughing when you mentioned your “atrocious” amount of unread ebooks because I finally got my TBR master list created and I have over 400 books I’ve never read! I decided to do something similar to be able to be more aware of my ebook collection, but I went the more common route of making TBR jars.