Shelf Love Challenge: Sticking to My Book Budget

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No Book Buying Challenge

Sticking to my book budget is something I’ve never had to do as I’ve never had a book budget before. So the Shelf Love Challenge is…well, a challenge. And here’s how I plan to read more books that I already own.

One. Starting off easy here—organize my eBook collection. I got this taken care of over the holiday break. I’m happy it is done. I’ve paged through the albums a few times trying to figure out what to read next. On GoodReads, I sorted my Shelf Love shelf by number of pages and knocked off a few of the short stories. It felt good to mark those as read and write short reviews.

My Reading Corner

Two. Reorganize my office space to be more reading (and writing) friendly. My favorite spot to read is in bed. However, after about 20 minutes I’m checking the back of my eyelids for holes. Recently, I reorganized my half of our home office. We ditched the spare television and made a spot for our “wandering” chair (it doubles as my husband’s gaming chair). Now I have another space to read in during week when it’s not quite time for bed and the living room just isn’t cutting it.

Three. Allow myself to cheat, but put restrictions on it. I received 2 gift cards to Barnes & Noble plus work gave us a generic Visa gift card for the holidays. If I feel the need to buy a book, I’ll use them. 31 days into this challenge and I haven’t purchased a single book. I haven’t even one-clicked a freebie. And if I get really desperate, I can cash in some of points for an Amazon gift card. But I think the current gift card money should suffice.

My Plans for My Savings

I’m not sure how much money I’ve spent on books in past years. Since Half Price Books came to our neighborhood, it’s even more difficult to track. When I have a stack of books I don’t plan to read again, I head over to HPB, sell them my books and buy more books. I like recycling. So here’s my plan this year.

My Paris Trip Shadow Box

Every time I resell books at Half Price Books, I will bring the cash home and split it in half. Half of the money will go towards my dream trip to Paris in 3 years. The other half will go towards a new eReader. Maybe by the end of the year, I can treat myself to an iPad mini (I’m an Apple girl) so I don’t have to keep converting my Amazon books to Nook format.

Now it’s your turn, share your book buying budgets if you have one, or share your plan to spend nothing. What are your plans for the money you save?



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23 responses to “Shelf Love Challenge: Sticking to My Book Budget

  1. You have got me hooked on mypoints. I have already earned over 1000 points and have only been on the site for a little over a month. I’m working my way up to an amazon giftcard. I was disappointed when my textbook order did not get credited to my account. I think that is great that you have a place that will take your books. I’m going to take mine down to Last Stop CD shop at some point. I will have my budget post up sometime this month.

    • I haven’t had the guts to visit Half Price Books yet this year. I didn’t buy any books the entire month of January, but I didn’t really tempt myself either!

  2. Greg Hill

    This is a great idea, and the idea of saving for PAris is a good motivator! Looks like you have a good start on it- and nice pic of your reading area! Looks cozy.

  3. Julie S.

    I like that you’re saving up for two awesome things. I hope you do save up enough to get your ipad 🙂

  4. OH A TRIP TO PARIS? That is an awesome thing to save towards. I don’t really buy books because…I have an awesome library and I like to use it. 😉 I DO like second hand books though! Right now I’m sort of saving for a camera. XD

  5. Georgia May

    I hope you manage to get to Paris! It’s a beautiful city! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  6. Nicole Hewitt

    I don’t really buy too many books – except for my kids. I don’t tend to put much of a limit on myself for those (though I’ve tried to be better about it lately). I think it’s an awesome idea to save toward your e-reader and your trip to Paris!! Hope you meet your goals!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  7. Bookworm Brandee

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has never set a budget for book buying. 🙂 I like your guidelines and restrictions – and even more, what you do with the money you save! I didn’t include that in my post. I also like how you re-purposed your side of the office to make it more reading/writing friendly. That really helps. Congrats on not having bought any books so far this year. I’ve purchased one – using a gift card – but it was one I’ve been waiting over 2 years for. I *have* one-clicked some freebies though. I’ll have to see if I can refrain from that. I’ve been really proud of myself for NOT buying any books and reading what I have. It feels good! Good luck with maintaining your budget! 🙂

    • It hasn’t been hard to far…a month and half in and I still haven’t set foot in a bookstore so I really don’t know how my resolve will hold when I finally do walk into one. That’s the true test!