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I’ll be honest, I’m not good at looking for free books. I mean that’s why I’m taking part of this challenge, right? I’ve spent a lot of my cold hard cash on books even if it was only 99 cents and the only reason I bought the book is because the cover was so SHINY! When I started this challenge, I didn’t even contemplate where I might get books if I needed a fix. I just figured I would go to the library, borrow from a friend or breakdown and just buy at book (or two or three). Surprisingly enough, after 2 months, I have yet to purchase a book. Even better, I haven’t even one-clicked a free book from or

After 2 months, this challenge doesn’t seem like much of a challenge for me. Then again, I’ve only attended one author signing and I haven’t set foot in a bookstore. I have stood next to books that were on sale at the library, but the bookstore wasn’t open yet and I was focused on waiting for the doors to open to I could rescue my copy of Fairest that was on hold. I haven’t truly challenged myself by walking into Barnes and Noble or cashing in books at Half Price Books and walking out without buying anything.

My best source for free books right now? My own shelves. There’s open spaces on my top shelf where I store my physical to-read books. I’m pretty proud right now. Here’s a comparison of my physical shelf January vs. end of February.

best source for free books

I sit back, look at at my shelf and marvel at the treasure trove of books I have already purchased. I dream of the worlds I will be able to travel to in the next 8 months. How many lives will I have lived by the time December 31st rolls around? Will my shelf be cleared by then? Probably not. Will I never buy another book again? Doubt it. I think what this challenge is teaching me is that I don’t need to to always be on pursuit of the latest and greatest book to hit the market. That sometimes the best gems are on the shelf next to my bed in my own home just waiting to be discovered.

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22 responses to “Shelf Love Challenge: My Best Source for Free Books

  1. We are rearranging some rooms in our home and it forced me to look at all of my books and shelves and what I haven’t read yet..eek gads. I could probably stop buying books for years.

  2. Ah totally agree that the absolute best place for free books is your own unread shelves 🙂 Love that you’re already culling and going through some of your pile.

    • I’m trying to tackle some of the ARCs I received right at the end of the year last year right now. Then I’ll be back to my shelves of purchased books. It’s fun to discover “new” books I already own.

  3. Michelle

    I’m trying to get through my books as well right now, and I’m making a small amount of progress…though I keep downloading audiobooks from the library so that’s slowing me down some.

    • I’ve been purposefully looking for audiobooks via the library of books I already own. I listen while I drive to work so I’ve been making some progress there while I tackle some newer ARCs I received.

  4. This is really great! You are so right, I bet if I just went through all my current books, I would be set for a LOOONG time. But alas, I cannot help wanting the new ones! I am trying to be better, I promise 😉 You are doing amazing, keep up the great work!

    • I’ve found it fun to listen to books I own as a way to tackle the #ShelfLove challenge. I’ve been combing through my library’s audiobook collection and taking advantage of being able to mark my favorite quotes as I listen.

      Terri M., the Director
      Second Run Reviews

  5. I do have a lot of books on my shelves I haven’t read yet. Not an astronomical amount, but definitely some! I’m a bit of a library addict though. XD I loooove new books coming in and returning books I hated. LIBRARIES FTW.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • Libraries are AMAZING! I just have so many books on my shelves right now I’m trying to limit myself a bit. 🙂

      Terri M., the Director
      Second Run Reviews

    • I had to get creative for this challenge post! I unsubscribed from quite a few newsletters before I started this challenge.
      Terri M., the Director | @2ndRunReviews

  6. Smart choice for a free booksource. I have a lot of books on mine to read as well that I have accrued over time. Plus my library….100,000+ books to choice from!

    • The library is a great source! I’ve been trying to use that to get my hands on newer releases.
      Terri M., the Director | @2ndRunReviews

  7. I have been obsessed with reading book on my own shelf lately. And finishing series. So this is the best place for free books… or well.. books you already spent money on I guess. Love my library though… I get like movies, video games, you name it!

    • I love my library as well. I just put a book I found on GoodReads on hold. I’m 62 in the queue, but as you can see I have plenty to read before my number comes up.

      Terri M., the Director
      Second Run Reviews