Book Review 82: Zenn Scarlett by Christian Schoon

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book review zenn scarlett christian schoon

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Zenn Scarlett from our local library. I’ve heard of this series and its author since I started attending ICON a couple years ago. It didn’t take me long to become absorbed in Zenn’s world and her love of animals.

Living on a colonized Mars in a cloister, Zenn is fighting for her independence, her love of animals and her desire to become an exovet, a veterinarian who specializes in alien creatures. All of this as she is starting to notice boys (no love triangle here, folks!), struggling with the whereabouts of her absent father and a colony that it struggling to survive. Zenn and her positive attitude come shining through bringing the story together with her adventures and investigations.

Zenn is surrounded by some very curious creatures—some of them she cares for and others she works with, namely Hamish. I adored Hamish. He provided a bit of comic relief as he struggled to escape the hive mentality he was a part of and find a way to fit into human culture and norms with in the cloister. Zenn and her uncle handled Hamish’s hive habits well and provided him with the knowledge he needed to grow. When Hamish came on the scene I couldn’t help but find myself smiling as I was learning about life on Mars and caring for alien creatures right along side of him.

Zenn Scarlett receives a thumbs up from me. Schoon created a believable settlement on Mars with a diverse set of aliens and a intriguing mystery that kept me turning the pages. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Under Nameless Stars.

Just as a warning Zenn Scarlett ends in a cliffhanger. While all the major elements are tied up at the end of the book, there is one looming question related to Zenn that is just starting to be revealed. So if you are not a fan of cliffhangers, you may wish to hold off on grabbing this one up. If you can get your hands on both books in quick succession, grab them and fly to Mars with Zenn and her amazing menagerie of alien animals today!


book review zenn scarlett christian schoon

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Zenn Scarlett

Author: Christian Schoon
Published on: May 7, 2012
Pages: 304
Genres: action & adventure, medical, mystery, science fiction, young adult
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My Rating: Thumbs Up