Scenic Sundays 30: Vincent and the Doctor. Plus a giveaway!

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So here you have it, folks! 30 different images and quotes. To celebrate, I invite you to enter the giveaway to win one of the images featured in my Scenic Sunday posts. Details after the break.

I am a Whovian. I’m not sure I’ve said that enough so here I am screaming it from the top of the TARDIS. The one episode that I’ve watched the most is “Vincent and the Doctor.” It’s an absolutely heartbreaking and heart lifting episode. I would also say it is one episode any one can watch; you don’t have to have a wide understanding of the Doctor Who canon. Just know that Amy has experienced a devastating loss which she doesn’t remember and the Doctor is doing everything in his power to make her happy again. This involves a trip back in time to visit Vincent van Gogh.

And yes, I did take this picture at the Farmer’s Market with this episode in mind. And yes, I did create my own quote image from it and it is hanging in my office at work.

scenic sundays doctor who vincent van gogh quote

Taken on July 6, 2013 at the Downtown Farmer’s Market in Cedar Rapids, IA
using a Canon Rebel T3i.

“It seems to me there’s so much more to the world than the average eye is allowed to see. I believe, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamt of.”

Vincent van Gogh in “Vincent and the Doctor”, Doctor Who, Series 5, Episode 10.


The Giveaway

Enter to win a framed copy of your favorite Scenic Sundays image. Visit the Scenic Sundays album on flickr to see all the images that have been featured to date. Because of overseas shipping charges, this giveaway is only open to US residents. The final size of the prize will be determined by the resolution image the winner selects.


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36 responses to “Scenic Sundays 30: Vincent and the Doctor. Plus a giveaway!

  1. Van Gogh was a visionary artist. I have always loved how he was portrayed in Kurosawa’s DREAMS. Some of his work is less vibrant and yet he still spoke to us clearly.

    • Thanks, Nicole. The sunflowers always make think of summer!

      PS You did fine indicating which image is your favorite.

      Terri M., the Director | @2ndRunReviews

  2. Ah I love this one too! And the quote, as usual, is perfect! It makes it feel like it really and truly is spring! And thanks so much for the giveaway too, I will definitely be entering, I adore your pictures 🙂 The hard part is picking a favorite!

  3. So many beautiful pictures, it’s hard to pick 1… But I think I’d go with the black and white of the tulip.

    So I haven’t gotten into dr. Who yet. I saw one episode and it didn’t grab me. I’m not a sci-fi person as much as a fantasy one…

  4. Michelle

    Another beautiful shot. I absolutely adore that episode, I cry every single time. I’ve long had a copy of Starry Night hanging above my bed and Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists, but not just because of his work…because of what he went through. I just understand some of the mental anguish he dealt with and I hurt for him and the lack of help available at the time. At any rate, I definitely love the shot and I’m entering the giveaway with that one in mind. 🙂

  5. Daniela Ark

    Hi Terri! I looooooove your blog! how unique! Special Elite is one my favorite google fonts. Following you now everywhere 🙂 and I enter the giveaway me want one of those pics! 🙂

    • Welcome, Daniela! Thank you for the kind words about Second Run Reviews. Please come back often. I usually post on Sunday, Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays right now.

      Terri M., the Director
      Second Run Reviews

  6. Pages and Tea

    What an absolutely beautiful picture!
    I love Doctor Who, and have just finished series 8. Reading your post about Vincent and the Doctor has made me want to go back and rewatch that episode now 🙂

    • That’s one of my favorites as well. I have it set as the wallpaper on my iPad min!

      Terri M., the Director
      Second Run Reviews
      Twitter: @2ndRunReviews