Shelf Love Challenge April Update: Assessing My Progress

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shelf love challenge april update

According to GoodReads, I’ve read 14 books that were also on my #ShelfLove Challenge shelf. Of course, since I only post about two reviews a week you haven’t seen them all yet, but I have been making progress.

  1. Haunting Grace
  2. The Witching Elm
  3. The Rose of Fire
  4. Gilded Ashes
  5. Little Lies
  6. A Tangle of Fates
  7. The Stained Glass Door
  8. Hollow City
  9. What We See When We Read
  10. Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore
  11. The Dressmaker
  12. The Witch of Painted Sorrows
  13. Seduction
  14. “The Golden Cage”

I also abandoned one book (The Winter Boy) because I just wasn’t connecting with the characters or the plot. What’s cool is that I briefly raised my Netgalley reputation from below 50% to 70%. Then I got approved for a few more books. *head desk*

Name of the Star on GoodReads

I’ve only purchased one book, but it was a book that came highly recommended and was on sale via I did use some of my Christmas gift card money so it was money I had saved for just such a purchase. I did take advantage of the audio book being discounted as well. Another reason I took advantage of the sale was I had just finished my latest audio book and needed something new to listen to on my commute. So while it was a new book, it was on sale and I have already read it/listened to it.

So how have I done it? Well, the answer is quite simple, I’ve totally avoided bookstores and library book sales. Will it last? Umm, probably not. I’m attending a convention this weekend. We all know that my biggest soft spot is author events. But I plan to, before I leave on Thursday, turn in my read books and magazines to Half Price Books and take that money with me to the convention.

Coal and the iPad Mini

I know what you are wondering…you thought that money was going towards Paris and a new eReader. Well, folks, the new eReader (an iPad Mini 2) was purchased in February using gift cards I had received for Christmas and via a focus group I participated in. The only thing that was truly out of pocket was the case. And Paris is few years away yet so I have decided to re-appropriate the funds.

I feel like I’m making decent progress on the #ShelfLove Challenge and the GoodReads Challenge. I keep getting distracted by NetGalley and blog tours (FREE! SHINY NEW BOOKS!). I’m really limiting my participation in tours this spring/summer as a way to focus on what’s on my shelf. I picked one of the shortest books on my physical to-be-read list and I’m looking forward to at least one day off in the coming days where I can sit and read all day.

So how about you? How are your reading goals fairing? Are you making good progress or have you fallen off the bandwagon?

If you are participating in the #ShelfLove Challenge, don’t forget to add your entry to the end of the year giveaway!


10 responses to “Shelf Love Challenge April Update: Assessing My Progress

  1. You’re making pretty good progress 🙂 So your way to avoid relapse is to avoid bookstores all together. I think that’s a good plan. I haven’t gone inside a bookstore yet this year either.

    • Well, I did make ONE successful foray into Half Price Books this past Monday. I wanted to turn in some books so I could have a bit of book cash for the convention this week. I looked, but didn’t touch. It was HARD!!
      Terri M., the Director
      Second Run Reviews

  2. I think getting distracted and diverging from our reading goals is the new normal. I regularly change my reading plans. Too many good books out there! Too many fun events to participate in. I try to stay away from bookstores too and borrow all of the books I read.

    • The discovery process is so rewarding. I attended a sci fi/fantasy convention this past weekend and met quite a few authors I look forward to investigating further!

      Terri M., the Director
      Second Run Reviews

  3. Sounds like you’re doing pretty well! I’m happy with how I’m doing – even though I’ve added more books than I’d like, I’ve also made a lot of progress, so I won’t complain! Hope you have (had?) fun at your conference!

    • Yes, I know! But the challenge has helped me focus on getting the few reviews copies I have done. I did abandon one. I’m trying to be more cognizant of release dates when I make a request now. Moderation, right?
      Terri M., the Director | @2ndRunReviews

  4. Elizabeth Bogardus

    I don’t buy books, I use the library and recently have started receiving ARCs in the mail and via NetGalley.

    • I’m hoping that this challenge teaches me restraint! I’m hoping to use my library more once I get through some of the books I own. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Terri M., the Director
      Second Run Reviews