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In the Spotlight is a new feature here at Second Run Reviews. I’ve invited authors, publishers and editors to take part in interviews, guest posts, giveaways and anything else that they can dream up that is appropriate for a blog.

I am so excited today to be featuring my former co-worker and good friend, Jade Eby, In the Spotlight. After Jade and I started working together we quickly discovered we were both voracious readers. She’s partly responsible Second Run Reviews even existing. I’m sure all of you are grateful for that!

In the Spotlight Jade Eby

in the spotlight question

Welcome to Second Run Reviews, Jade! Thank you for being In the Spotlight. I appreciate you stopping by and answering a few questions. So let’s get things started

In a tweet (140 characters or less), tell us a bit about yourself.



author interview jade eby

I’m a passionate, voracious lover of all things words and literature and listen to the voices in my head.






in the spotlight question

Most people ignore the voices in their heads. I know from reading your books and short stories, those voices can be very inspirational for you.

You have published several short stories and a couple of novels. What’s the difference in approach you take when writing a short story vs. a novel?

author interview jade eby

Great question! A lot of people say that writing a short story is harder than writing a full length because you have to commit to developing all the same aspects in a short story as you do a novel. For me though, I tend to write sparsely and lean. My first drafts are what I like to call my “bones draft,” where I compile the bones of the story and then go through and add the muscle, veins, skin etc. It’s most challenging to learn the correct pacing between short stories and novels, and I believe that is one of the most important differences. Novels really allow the writer to unfold the story beneath layers of context, description, and character growth. In a short story – you don’t have that luxury.

in the spotlight question

As I’ve moved further along in my blogging career, I’ve come to prize well-written short stories. It takes an immense about of patience and talent to craft a short story with the right pacing and character development.

You left a full time job in the last year to pursue writing almost full time (or is it full time?), what’s been the hardest part of that decision (besides not working with me) and what’s been the best part?

author interview jade eby

Ha! Leaving you was definitely one of the hardest things I had to do 😉 But seriously, it was a huge decision for my husband and I and one we didn’t make lightly. I won’t lie—the hardest part was the salary slashing and all of the sudden going from a full time day job where I knew exactly where I fit into the structure to not knowing what was going to happen. I lost a bit of myself during that transition period, but when I found myself, it was really glorious. The best part? Setting my own hours, working in my pajamas, being able to work on my novels and helping other writers work toward their dreams.


in the spotlight question

Definitely jealous the pajamas at work part. My dream would be for someone to pay me money to read and review books while drinking coffee and/wine.

If you had to go back and do it all over again, is there any aspect of your stories or getting published that you’d change?


author interview jade eby

Yes and no. It’s no surprise that the more you write, the better you get. So of course, I look back at some of my early stuff and cringe, but the thing is – there’s ALWAYS going to be room for improvement and I could spend all my time and energy going back and rewriting or reworking/editing my old stuff, but what about all the other stories in my head? I use it as relic of my progress. As for the publishing – there are SO many things I’ve learned in the past two years… things I wish I would have known when I started. But it’s nearly impossible to know them unless you do it. Unless you dive head first and swim with the sharks. I’ve always been entrepreneurial in the sense that I’m most passionate about what I want from life and what I love to do. So for me, independent publishing was the place I knew I wanted to start. And as I write this, I am now considered a “hybrid” author—being both self-published and traditionally published. I can’t regret any part of this journey!

in the spotlight question

I think we are going to start seeing more and more hybrid authors. Taking the leap of faith, finding your fan base and then a publishing house discovers you. Perhaps we’ll see an American Idol or Voice competition come out in this new phase of publishing!

What type(s) of books to you enjoy reading most and what three books to you find yourself recommending to your fans over and over?

author interview jade eby

Besides my favorite books (Gone With the Wind, Harry Potter, anything John Green), I tend to shift every couple months. I LOVE post-apocalyptic/dystopian books (Hunger Games, The Passage), but I also love books that are creepy, twisting and psychological (Gone Girl, YOU) too. There really are just too many genres I love to read in 🙂 I love tailoring my suggestions to the particular reader…this is why I’d be an excellent librarian or bookseller if I need another future career. 🙂



in the spotlight question

You missed the Ashfall series in your post-apocalyptic list. TSK! TSK! How could you forget Mike Mullin and his eerie portrayal of Iowa and Illinois after a super volcano explosion?

What’s your current obsession? Any secret obsessions you want to share?


author interview jade eby

Book-related? Hmm. I have to say that I’m obsessed with Thursdays because there’s a blog I follow that puts up new covers and either adores them or snarks on them. It’s not the snarking that I particularly enjoy – it’s that every Thursday I have a new batch of books to add to my Goodreads to-read pile 🙂 And then there’s this Facebook group called Indie Authors & Book Blogs that does “Thursday Confessions” and it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It’s like a trainwreck sometimes – you can’t look away even if the post has you rolling your eyes. So those are probably my two biggest obsessions right now.

Oh. And Cotton-Candy Soda by Faygo, sold at my local Kwik Trip. Can’t get enough of that stuff. It’s too delicious.

in the spotlight question

Why am I not surprised that you are fueled by sugar.

Any last thoughts or wise words you want to pass along?



author interview jade eby

I’m not sure I can be considered old-enough or wise-enough to have “wise words” yet, but I can say that book bloggers like yourself are one of the many reasons I love doing what I do. No matter what genre, category or type of book a blogger decides to read – no matter which rating they decide to give it – it’s evidence that literature is as important as it’s ever been. People claim that reading is lost on the younger generations and I have to believe that’s not true. I have to believe that we’ll continue to evolve in our storytelling so that our readers will continue to have whatever it is books provide them. Entertainment. Escapism. Reality. Relatablility. Books and words are powerful and I’m so grateful that I get a chance to have a part of that power.

in the spotlight question

Jade, it was wonderful to have you in the spotlight this week. I hope that you will come back again and give us an update on all your new writing adventures. Based on our recent discussions, there are wonderful things happening in the North Country.



About Jade Eby

author headshot jade eby

Once upon a time there was a little girl who fell in love with books then she grew up to write her own.

Jade graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.A. in English literature and creative writing. Prior to starting her own business and working at Author Accelerator, she worked as a creative copywriter at a top-notch higher education marketing firm. She is a hybrid author who has published both novels and short stories.

Jade built her own virtual assistant agency to help other authors in the publishing industry and has worked with multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. She continues to teach authors about the independent publishing process and steps.

As a self-proclaimed "Crazy Cat Lady," Jade spends her free time with her brood of felines and volunteers at the local humane shelter.



author interview jade eby

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