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In the Spotlight is a new feature here at Second Run Reviews. I’ve invited authors, publishers and editors to take part in interviews, guest posts, giveaways and anything else that they can dream up that is appropriate for a blog.

Today Mica Rossi, an author who enjoys needlework and gardening when she is not reading and writing, drops by Second Run Reviews today to be In the Spotlight. Working as a paralegal to support her dream of being a full-time writer, Mica has written three novels and many short stories. She is an active member of the Romance Writers of America.

In the Spotlight: Mica Rossi

in the spotlight question

Welcome to Second Run Reviews, Mica! Thank you for being In the Spotlight. I appreciate you stopping by and answering a few questions. So let’s get things started

In a tweet (140 characters or less), tell us a bit about yourself.



author interview mica rossi

I’m an insatiable reader and an obsessed writer. Always have been both.




in the spotlight question

I can identify with that! Since I started blogging I have noticed that my need to read and write has become a bit of an obsession. I crave the routine I’ve created in the last year and half. It’s soothing to sit down with a good book or at my laptop and craft posts.

What inspired you to become an author? Where do you find inspiration for your stories?

author interview mica rossi

I started writing when I was little. I would make up stories about the pictures we drew in school or the things I saw in the neighborhood or on television. If I read a book, I would write a different ending for it or change the characters in it and make up new adventures. I don’t know where the ideas come from. They just come.


in the spotlight question

Sounds a bit like you got your start writing fan fiction!

On your web site, you talk about your reading nook. I just recently created a reading nook of my own. What was the inspired you to create a reading nook? What other places do you enjoy reading? Do you have a writing nook as well?


author interview mica rossi

I love to read, always have, and I would find the most hidden spots to read in, mostly because my mother was always shooing me outdoors to play. So I’d take my book with me and climb a tree and read. As an adult, I wanted somewhere that made me feel I was in a little hidden spot where Mom couldn’t find me. Thus, the reading nook, and although I tend to read anywhere, that place is special. I have a writing nook of sorts, but I tend to write on my laptop in an old comfy living room chair.

in the spotlight question

I understand what you mean about special reading spots. I enjoy my deck in the summer. In fact, I just bought a new lawn chair! In the winter, I love going to the local coffee shop, Wit’s End, and reading with a good cup of coffee and a fresh cinnamon roll.

What was the most difficult thing about getting published? What was the easiest? If you had to go back and do it all over again, is there any aspect of your stories or getting published that you’d change?

author interview mica rossi

The hardest thing was getting up the nerve to pitch my book at a writers’ convention I attended in Minneapolis. The easiest was actually getting the book published because it turned out that the owner of the publishing company and I had belonged to the same online TimeWarner writing experiment way back when. She liked my writing then and was eager to take the book when I pitched it. Some days I regret not trying for one of the big publishing houses, but I’m glad I went with the small press for my first book.

in the spotlight question

That does take guts! There are so many options now for publishing, as a blogger, I’m can’t keep track of them all. One of my good friends is now considered a hybrid author because she is self-published and just recently got taken on by a traditional publisher. It seems to be an exciting time to be an author and have so many options.

What type(s) of books to you enjoy reading most and what three books to you find yourself recommending to your fans over and over?

author interview mica rossi

I love to read my own genre, paranormal romance, but I also love science fiction and fantasy. So of those three, I always recommend Nora Roberts, who I want to be when I grow up, and her Three Sisters Island trilogy, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, and Terry Brooks’ Shannara books.

in the spotlight question

Paranormal romance has been a big thing lately thanks, in part, to the Twilight series. I can take it or leave it. I do have to say that the description of your latest novel does have me intrigued. I have a soft spot for the British Isles thanks to Diana Gabaldon.

What’s your current obsession? Any secret obsessions you want to share?

author interview mica rossi

My current obsession is an overseas trip. I’ve never been and I’m longing to go. I think my secret obsession will have to remain a secret for a while longer.



in the spotlight question

I’ve been to London although it was awhile ago and I’m planning a trip to Paris when I turn 40. You’ll have to stop back and let us know where you plan to go! I want to hear all the details.

Any last thoughts or wise words you want to pass along?


author interview mica rossi

I hear so many people say they want to write a book someday. Just a word to anyone who wants to do what I do. It’s not an easy life, but if it’s a necessary one, then do it. Start this very minute and write. Every day. As much as you can. Don’t wait, do it now. Because someday is already here.


in the spotlight question

Whether it’s writing a book or some other goal you have in life, Mica, that’s wonderful advice and definitely something I hope all our fans take to heart.

Thank you again for stopping by Second Run Reviews. It’s been great getting to know you and good luck with planning your overseas trip and with your writing adventures!



once in a blue moon goodreads

The Overview

Synopsis: Irish spitfire Caighleen Mulrunnen is no stranger to ghosts, goulies and things that go bump in the night. Her job exposing paranormal scams makes sure of that. When she chances across Finn McHail under a moon-soaked sky, his touch send fire racing along her nerves and has her daydreaming about his ice-blue eyes. Until, that is, she finds his picture on an internet dating site, his ears as pointed as one of Santa’s elves. Despite the magic that sings between them, Caighleen sets out to prove he’s a fraud. But love has a way of making a believer out of anyone…

About Mica Rossi

picture of mica rossi

I was born in New York state and my very first book was made of stapled-together penmanship paper and entitled “The Big Snow.” My 2nd grade teacher 'published’ it, and I did the illustrations entirely in blue crayon. Since that time, I've written three novels and countless short stories. Most have not been published. Yet.

Once in a Blue Moon (May 2014 by Satin Romance, an imprint of Melange Books) is my first stand-alone novel. This is a full out paranormal romance with a dash of Irish thrown in for good measure. Just think about a gorgeous member of the Aos Sidhe running into the one woman in Boston who has a vendetta against all things magical, and you'll understand why sparks fly against the backdrop of hot summer days and starry nights in the city.

I'm kind of liking these paranormal worlds I create, and hopefully, you'll hang around to share them with me. I'll make an occasional side trip to the real world, just so my family knows I'm still alive, but I think I'm probably going to stay here for a while...



author interview mica rossi

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