Book Review 98: Disenchanted by A.R. Miller

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book review disenchanted ar miller

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with my In the Spotlight feature. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with lots of local authors, many of them are from Iowa and as a result, I’ve read a few books set in the lovely state in which I reside. Disenchanted by A.R. Miller is a delightful fantasy novel set in The Meadows near Des Moines where many fantastical beings gather. It reminded me a bit of Bon Temps, but not as gritty.

I was immediately drawn into the world of Disenchanted. Miller takes elements of the familiar world—hair salons, coffee shops and the Iowa countryside and twists them bit with cast of characters you can’t help but wish you were best friends with. I identified with Keely, the search for her identity and her love of coffee and chocolate.

Disenchanted Quote-The rich scent of my favorite...

The only thing I struggled with while reading Disenchanted was the fey words and world the Keely and her friends are derived from. While this is the first book in the series, there wasn’t much exposition on Hel (I thought that was a spelling error for a long time!), döckâlfars, liosâlfars and âlfars. This is mythology that I have not encountered before and would have loved a little bit more explanation so that I could understand the relationship to the story and Keely’s search.

I’ve been looking for a book or series to fill the void since Sookie left the scene with the true love of her life. Upon completing Disenchanted, I definitely felt that the Fey Creations series might fill that void. A lighter urban fantasy novel set in the Midwest provided me with elements I was at once familiar with and new exciting elements I wanted to explore further.


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Book Review 98: Disenchanted by A.R. Miller


Author: A.R. Miller
Published on: August 31, 2013
Pages: 286
Series: Fey Creations #1
Genres: fairy tales & folklore, fantasy, mystery, paranormal, adult
Goodreads • Amazon Affiliate Link
My Rating: Thumbs Up
Also in this series: Unenchanted, Re-enchanted, Shadow Play

About A.R. Miller

A.R. Miller’s contemporary fantasy series, Fey Creations, has been compared to potato chips. ‘Absolutely no nutritional value, but fun to eat and highly addictive.’ A great complement considering potato chips are in the top five of her favorite foods and she strives to do nothing but entertain with her writing. The series revolves around stylist, Keely Fey, the secrets of her heritage and suppressed magical Talents. A.R. lives in Central Iowa with an accommodating husband and their feline companion. When not testing the patience of readers with cliffhanger endings, you might find her wielding a makeup brush or curling iron as a freelance stylist. The next installment of the Fey Creations series is scheduled for later this year.



book review disenchanted ar miller


4 responses to “Book Review 98: Disenchanted by A.R. Miller

  1. The author’s picture is impressive 😉 The book looks interesting, but I agree with you, many authors in the fantasy department should include a glossary in their book. Adding it to my list !

    • I read another book with fay in it recently. I came to two conclusions.
      1) I don’t read many fantasy novels with fey.
      2) Every culture has its own version of fey so that alone could cause confusion!

      Terri M., the Director
      Second Run Reviews
      Twitter: @2ndRunReviews

    • It was definitely a good read, Stormi. Right now Disenchanted is paired with 2 other Iowa fantasy authors on Amazon in Travels, Shifters and Fey, Oh My! I’ve read Traveler (one of my faves) and now Disenchanted. I’m looking forward to getting to the last book in the grouping soon. Or, of course, you can just buy Disenchanted.

      Terri M., the Director
      Second Run Reviews
      Twitter: @2ndRunReviews