Book Review 95: The Golden Cage Kaitlyn Davis

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book review golden cage kaitlyn davis

“The Golden Cage” by Kaitlyn Davis is a quick, compelling introduction to the world of Ourthuro. Leena is a sympathetic princess seeking to be with the one man she loves. Leena’s father, the king, rules his country and household with an iron fist. Women are not honored in Ourthuro and in just a handful of pages, I grew to detest the king and the male-centered culture. The treatment of women and the individuals below nobility was heart-wrenching and Leena’s kind heart (and mine) were sickened by the actions of others.

This short story is definitely a teaser piece for the larger series. I wanted to know more about Ourthuro and Leena. Will she find love? Will she find freedom? Who in the kingdom can she trust? I’m definitely keeping an eye on the series and hope to read more once the series is complete.


book review golden cage kaitlyn davis

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The Golden Cage

Published on: March 31, 2014
Pages: 51
Genres: anthologies and short stories, fantasy, romance, young adult
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My Rating: Thumbs Up

Originally Purchased: June 8, 2014
Finally Read: 8 months after purchase




book review golden cage kaitlyn davis


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    • Honestly, I’ve never looked at Smashwords! I found this book through a book tour and it was free on Barnes and Noble so I downloaded it. 🙂

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