Scenic Sundays 37: Travel and Jack Kerouac

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Anyone else sensing a theme?

I’m only a few weeks away from our 2015 Summer Trip and I love reflecting the places Jay and I have travelled to on our yearly vacations. Horseshoe Canyon Ranch is one of our favorite locations. We’ve actually been there twice! I get to spend the week horseback riding and Jay gets to spend the week climbing rocks. Plus there is plenty of time to read! During one of our trips I finished 5 books and that was before I had an eReader.

I definitely hope to go back to Horseshoe Canyon again. It’s a relaxing, welcoming getaway.

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Taken on August 25, 2009 at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Jasper, Arkansas with a Fujifilm FinePix Z5fd.

There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.

Jack Kerouac
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12 responses to “Scenic Sundays 37: Travel and Jack Kerouac

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I love the idea of visiting places where you can enjoy whatever is available…including reading.

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog. I do love my Disney figurines and have so many that I had to pack a few away when I was decluttering.

    • The views are amazing. I found myself up with the sunrise most mornings. I was on the deck of our cabin with coffee and a good book!
      Terri M., the Director | @2ndRunReviews

  2. Sounds like a great place for a family vacation. Everyone has something to do, and for me I could lounge and read and take little walks. Thanks for visiting today.