A Note from the Director: A Blogging Break

Posted on July 3, 2015 «
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thoughts from the Director of Second Run Reviews

I’m still on my blogging break, fans. Are you missing me? I’m missing you! I thought perhaps, that many of you might be like me and have the habit of binge reading and leaving masses and masses of comments all at once. (You did leave me comments, right?!)


A Few of My Favorite Blogs

What new blogs will you discover while I’m away? Let me know your favorite blogs in comments. I’m always looking for more!


Did you miss the list of past articles that may be of interest to you while I’m on break? Head “back in time” and check them out! And don’t forget to leave comments.

blogging break


8 responses to “A Note from the Director: A Blogging Break

  1. Daniela Ark

    How is this a break if you are posting? lol
    but I’m glad you are! :):):)
    YES! I miss you (kinda, since you are still here) and I’ve been leaving comments. Thanks so much for the blog love!! I got my picture. I have to go get package today 🙂

  2. Daniela Ark

    Oh forgot to answer your question 🙂

    Well.. you are one of my top favorite blogs that is for sure!

    and as far as new blogs I ran into this one last night because we are on the same tour: http://gothicmoms.blogspot.com/
    and WOOOOOW! loooove the gothic design! gorgeous!

  3. stormi34

    Aaah, sweet I’m a favorite. 🙂 😉 Your blog rocks too..I like the movie review like quality to your reviews..you get a thumbs up. 🙂 Some of my favorites are Because Reading, Fantasy is More Fun, Caffeinated Book Reviewer and the list goes on and on. 🙂 Hope your having a fun break! 🙂

  4. Some of the blogs on your list are my favorites too. But I also love:

    On Starships And Dragonwings, Not Yet Read, Boats Against The Current, Bookish Serendipity.