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Fans of crime novels step forward, today J. Frank James, author of the Lou Malloy crime series steps In the Spotlight this week.



In the Spotlight J. Frank James

in the spotlight question

Welcome to Second Run Reviews, Mr. James! Thank you for being In the Spotlight. I appreciate you stopping by and answering a few questions. So let’s get things started

In a tweet (140 characters or less), tell us a bit about yourself.


author interview j frank james

J. Frank James writes crime thriller novels that are gripping and suspenseful. He is the author of The Lou Malloy Crime Series.




in the spotlight question

Tell us a bit about your books. Why should we consider reading them? Who is your target audience?




author interview j frank james

The Lou Malloy Crime Series is expected to span 20 books. The series follows Lou Malloy, a hardened criminal who did 15 years in prison for the theft of $15 million, and his partner Hilary Kelly, a private investigator. As a protagonist, Lou Malloy is not a person with a lot of baggage from a psychological standpoint. If the reader is looking for a character involved with the action, then Lou is your man. Lou can be several things. He can be vicious, since he is a killer. But in his eyes, he only dispatches those that have it coming. He can be caring, since his relationship with Hilary Kelly has given him a sense of self-worth. After all, Lou spent fifteen years in prison and for that reason he does have more than his share of flaws. However, as his character develops, the reader with be drawn into the events as they unfold. Great way to escape.

in the spotlight question

What was the most difficult thing about getting published? What was the easiest?




author interview j frank james

Since I am a self-published author, getting published was easy. Making the decision to do it was the hard part. I have never been one to steer clear of a challenge. I suppose it is my training as a lawyer, however, I am not really sure that is exactly it. I think the hardest part for me was appreciating the process. Now that I have done it and gotten over the hurdle of learning to navigate in that environment, I am glad I did.

There are no easy parts to becoming a writer and becoming successful as one. It is a lonely profession and one that only the person doing the writing can appreciate.

in the spotlight question

What type(s) of books to you enjoy reading most and what three books to you find yourself recommending to your fans over and over?




author interview j frank james


I always recommend that my readers begin reading about Lou Malloy with the first book entitled Lou Malloy: The Run Begins. In this book the reader learns about Lou as an eighteen year old and how crime entered his life. Next, I would read Dead Money Run. This picks up Lou’s life as he leaves prison. Then I would recommend Only Two Cats. This is a sequel to Dead Money Run. After that the reader can read the books in sequence or pick whatever one is of interest.

in the spotlight question

What’s your current obsession? Any secret obsessions you want to share?




author interview j frank james

Whether or not I have an obsession about something dealing with my writing I would have to say it is the next book. Writing for me is an escape. I don’t want to sound odd when I say this, but I love to escape with my characters. Many times I will begin a book and think that the book is going to go in one direction and the characters have other ideas. When I first experienced this phenomenon, I fought it off, but learned that I had best listen to what they had to say because the books became easier to write. It is a bit uncanny, but an experience that I enjoy.

I don’t really have any secret obsessions such as ride in a jet plane or climb some mountain. However, I do have goals that I have set for myself as a writer and being able to complete those goals I guess could be defined as an obsession.

in the spotlight question

Any last thoughts or wise words you want to pass along?





author interview j frank james

Never fear disclosure. After all as a writer it is your job to point out the obvious to a reader. If a reader can see it, there wouldn’t be a reason to read your book.

If you decide to become a writer, make sure you are prepared for rejection. If you can’t handle that they don’t try to be a writer. You are just wasting your time. If you get a bad review, learn from it. The reviewer is really doing you a favor. Remember, the best way to get a ‘yes’ is to get prepared to get a lot of ‘no’s’.

Having written your first book, hire a good proofreader and publicist. They are money in the bank.

Make sure you write the next book.

in the spotlight question

That’s great advice, Mr. James. Thank you for stopping by Second Run Reviews. Good luck with your future endeavors.



dead money run j frank james

The Overview

Synopsis: Dead Money Run is the first book in the Lou Malloy Crime Series.

Lou Malloy learns of his sister’s death right before he is released from prison, having served 15 years for the theft of $15 million from an Indian casino. He wants two things: to keep the $15 million, which no one has been able to find, and to track down and punish whoever killed his sister.

Lou Malloy teams up with Hilary Kelly, a private investigator. In no time, Lou has found the hidden $15 million, recovered guns and ammunition hidden with the money, and murdered two low-level mobsters and fed them to the crocodiles.

As the body count rises, the story grows more complex and his sister’s death becomes more mysterious.




author interview j frank james


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