Scenic Sundays 46: Finding the Words and Nicole Krauss

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This past week I was traveling for work again. I’ve made more trips this year on behalf of my company than ever before. I suppose that is a sign of a growing company, but it was exhausting. Sometimes there is a short respite in our day and walking the pier at Huntington Beach was one of them.

The weather was perfect. The sun was setting and someone was blowing bubbles. We stood for about 5 minutes and watched the large bubbles float off and over the pier. It was beautiful.

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Taken on Tuesday, August 18 at Huntington Beach, CA with an iPhone 5s.

“When will you learn that there isn’t a word for everything?”

Nicole Krauss




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12 responses to “Scenic Sundays 46: Finding the Words and Nicole Krauss

  1. Aw I LOVE this picture!! It makes me really wish I was there- though not for business, just for fun 😉 Traveling for work DOES sound exhausting- especially since I know I’d just be bitter that I was somewhere great but couldn’t be off doing what I wanted!