#ShelfLove Challenge Update: Best Bookish Gifts

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No Book Buying Challenge

I’ll admit back in December when Rose, Julie and I were dreaming up topics, I came up with this one. I love celebrating my birthday. And what better way to celebrate than to share the best bookish gifts you’ve either given or received.

Since it’s my birthday today, I’m sharing some of best book-themed gifts I received in recent years. Basically I want to force more of my photography on you and brag about how awesome my friends are.

Best Bookish Gifts

best bookish gifts


best bookish gifts

My friend since preschool, Ang, finds me the BEST gifts. And since I see her so infrequently I often get my birthday gifts at odd times. Lately I’ve been receiving them in June as she is also close friends with my sister and attends birthday parties for my nieces and nephew.

When I open my gift this year, I squealed with delight. This is absolutely perfect and now has a proud place next to my secondary monitor. I see it just out of the corner of my eye when I work on my blog. It reminds me that when I’m done doing blog prep, I can read.



bookish gifts

My wonderful friend, Karla, found this print for me. It combines my love for Tinkerbell and reading. Those silhouettes of Peter and Tinkerbell are overlaid on text from the novel, Peter Pan. I remember showing her prints like this on Etsy and was overjoyed when she presented me with one!

I did have a chance to read Peter Pan recently. I think I’ll stick with the movie versions. I seem to connect with them better.
*chants Run Home, Jack! Run Home, Jack!*




best bookish gifts

And finally there is this little beauty which I have shared before (although this is an infinitely better picture). Sometimes people surprise me. And this was definitely a surprise.

A couple of years ago at Christmas, my boss gave me this necklace.

It’s a tiny leather bound book. It’s precious. It’s amazing. I love wearing it and I’m not a girl who loves jewelry. But this piece is a true reflection of one of my passions and I’m so grateful my boss recognized something personal about me that was not work related.


So how about you, what’s the best bookish gift you have received? What about the best bookish gift you’ve received? Haven’t gotten anything great? What’s on your bookish gift wishlist?


22 responses to “#ShelfLove Challenge Update: Best Bookish Gifts

  1. Bookish gift are the best, but my family just doesn’t get it. I never get gift cards for books or cool bookish things. No I get pots and pans and clothes. 🙁

    • It took awhile for my family to get it, Stormi. This morning I woke up to find my sister had gifted me NINE Kindle books and my husband bought me a copy of The Fault in Our Stars movie. It was a great way to start my birthday.

  2. I’m with Stormi, my family and friends don’t get it. I’m participating in the On the Same Page Secret Sister Project so hopefully my sis will get me something fun and bookish.
    Do you know where your friend got that great burlap saying? I’ve looked around etsy and can’t find it.

  3. Ooh, I love these. I wish I had a book necklace like that myself! The Peter Pan print is seriously gorgeous, gotta love friends that pay attention to that kind of stuff!

  4. Aw I love these- especially the print, that is just stunning! Bookish gifts are the BEST! I don’t know that I have gotten many bookish gifts, but I have bought myself some cool bookish stuff! I mean, everything I own is Hunger Games related- I have a wall clock, mousepad, Kindle sleeve, bookends, wine stopper, LOTS of mugs.. sad to say there’s probably more I am forgetting! But I always love bookish stuff- I’d love some wall art, my walls are woefully bare! Love this post, thanks so much for sharing these beauties!

  5. I’ve gotten a lot of great bookish gifts over the years, because my family and friends know I’m a sucker for them! Two of my favorites are book-shaped pillows that my mom made herself, and book-shaped bookends that look great on my shelves. It was fun to see your gifts and why they are meaningful for you.

  6. I have a couple of book necklaces, with the covers printed on! I love ’em. They’re the best jewellery ever (except maybe my Welsh gold pieces).