Memories of the Dearly Departed | The Mad Scientist’s Beautiful Daughter by Angela Hunt

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book review mad scientists daughter hunt

I think when I purchased this book back in July 2012 that I thought it was a science fiction novel. It wasn’t until I was prepping for the #ShelfLove Challenge that I realized that is was non-fiction. That it was a memoir. I don’t read a lot of biographies or memoirs or non-fiction for that matter. I pulled this down from my Kindle Cloud in August because I noticed it didn’t have any reviews on GoodReads and only one review on Amazon and I thought it maybe deserved one.

There were some technical difficulties with the novel. Hunt shares photos of her father and every single image was broken. There were also some grammatical issues that cropped up here and there that were distracting. Things started to drop off and feel a bit repetitive towards the end of the book and I skipped over large bits because I wasn’t as engaged with the story as I was at the start.

All of that aside, Angela’s personal journey to discover her father and his place in her life after his death was touching and emotional. I could relate to her feelings for her father and her feeling of loss upon his death as I have experienced a similar journey myself. Losing someone close to you that played a large part in your development can be traumatic.

book review mad scientists daughter hunt

Hunt’s writing style is straight forward and casual which is probably why it was so easy to overlook the technical issues with the book. The memoir read like you were sitting down with Angela, cup of coffee in hand and listening to her story in person. And like a good friend, I listened to Angela’s story, as closely as I could, overlooking her flaws and finding some wisdom and hope in her story.

book review mad scientists daughter hunt
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book review mad scientists daughter hunt

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The Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter

Author: Angela N. Hunt
Published on: July 12, 2012
Pages: 248
Genres: adult, memoir
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My Rating: Thumbs Up

Another quote: “Write. Write often. Write from where you are and show it to no one. Just write. Eventually, you’ll know what you are trying to tell yourself. In the meantime, get it on the page and out of the body. It is a poison, but it is a poison that can transform you if you can write it down. A transmutative substance that converts your pain’s dross into future spiritual gold.”


book review mad scientists daughter hunt

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