#ShelfLove Challenge Update: My Life in 8 Shelves

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No Book Buying Challenge

As I mentioned last month, my “itty-bitty-living-space” prevents me from collecting a lot of books. My OCD tendencies and need for organization prevent me from having stacks and stacks of books everywhere. Would I like to have stacks and stacks books everywhere? Sure! But that would required more space and I don’t want to move right now.

I own 2 bookshelves. One has five shelves and the other has 3 shelves. Each of these bookshelves has its own special organization.

My Life in Books: 5 Shelves

Theme: My Passions
organizing my books

This shelf is in my living room/dining room and many of the books on this shelf have a movie or tv theme as that is my main decor in these two rooms.

Shelf #5: This shelf holds all my Harry Potter novels and all my Eoin Colfer novels. Super fun fact—Books 1 and 2 in my Harry Potter series are signed by Mary GrandPre. The local art museum did an exhibit featuring her illustrations and she did a signing.

Also on this shelf, dust jackets for books that I’ve loaned out to others.

Shelf #4: The majority of my antique camera collection which is propped up by the Divergent series, The Hunger Games series and The Girl Who Was on Fire.

Shelf #3 All my Diana Gabaldon books—including the John Grey books plus many of the signed books I have acquired in the last couple of years.

Shelf #2 My James A. Owen books (I dream of having all these signed some day!). My Jim C. Hines novels; all of which are signed except for Jim’s latest. The books my Jade Eby that I own. Jade was a former co-worker of mine who encourages me as a blogger. And since time travel and dragons seem to be a theme, Seraphina and the first two books in the Precious Stone Trilogy have a spot out here. Plus those Precious Stone books are so shiny and pretty, I couldn’t bear to hide them away in my bedroom.

Shelf #1: Oversized books. Books about movies. My long time favorites like The Wrinkle in Time series, the Ashfall series and the Trilogía Victoriana series. My favorite classic author Willa Cather also earns a place of honor on this shelf as does Kate Morton.

Scattered throughout this shelf you’ll find cameras, camera equipment, my Paris Money Box, Disney knick-knacks and a couple bottles of wine. The only passion missing…something coffee related.

My Life in Books: 3 Shelves

Theme: As Random As I Get
organizing my books

Shelf #3: This shelf has been featured a lot this year! It’s my to-be-read physical shelf. My physical TBR books have never extended beyond this shelf. I do double stack on this shelf because I have this burning desire to keep all my TBR books together. This shelf does have fewer books on it now than it did earlier this year!

Shelf #2: More of my favorite authors. Garth Nix’s books and Christopher Moore’s Fluke sit on this shelf along with my CD audiobook of Voyager (Outlander #3). My Sookie Stackhouse collection is on this shelf (the first two books are signed by Charlaine). Michelle Moran‘s Egyptian books can be found here as well as Margaret George’s The Memoirs of Cleopatra.

Shelf #1: There’s still room on this shelf of more books. It might be kind of hard to see in this picture. There are two books by Christian Jacq on this shelf. He’s a hard author to find because of translation so these are middle books in the series. More favorite novels on this shelf like Forrest Gump, The Book Thief, Contact, I Am the Messenger, The Princess Bride, The Night Circus, and Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal. Many times this is the shelf that my signed books end up on or books that I can’t decide what to do with after I read them. I can “hide” them here and look at them when I do a deep clean and make that final decision.

Other random stuff you’ll find…stacks of bookmarks or things I use as bookmarks (there’s a movie ticket on the second shelf in front of the Voyager audiobook). The teddy bear my sister had made from one of my father’s uniform shirts. He watches me sleep at night. So, yes, this bookshelf of randomness is special. It’s in my bedroom and when I wake up in the morning it is one of the first things I see.

So how do you organize your shelves? By color? By author? By theme? How do you remember what books you have and where to find them?

organizing my books

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14 responses to “#ShelfLove Challenge Update: My Life in 8 Shelves

  1. I like how you did this shelf by shelf of your books 🙂 If I did that we’d be here all day, and we didn’t even start talking about ebooks. I have 7 5-shelf bookshelves in my library. They are so sad and neglected right now. But at least I have stopped collecting.

    • I think that was a hard transition for me…to stop COLLECTING books just because. With such a small living space (and a hatred for dusting), I keep the books that mean the most to me.

  2. TheSeedQueen

    Impressive. I’m a compulsive book borrower so my TBR pile is a box that helps me keep them separate from books I own. One of my two bookshelves is packed with kids books and the other sorely needs to be sorted. Two shelves alone are dedicated to a World Book Encyclopedia set from the 80s.

  3. I think I would die if I only had to shelves…got way to many books for that….lol. I have six bookcases and still not enough room….lol. 🙂

  4. Terri, I love that your shelves include all your passions. (except coffee 😉 That’s really neat. I also think it’s wonderful that you keep all your tbr books together. I do this as well. And even though I’ve made space on my tbr shelves this year (still hoping to make more) I have books crammed in horizontally and along the tops of the shelves. BUT they’re all together. 😀 Thanks for sharing your special shelves and your organization of them. Have a great weekend!