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This weekend’s posts are brought to you courtesy of ICON 40. I will be a panelist or moderator on several panels throughout the weekend. A couple of those panels are related to blogging or fandoms and I wanted to create a quick reference post for others to use after the event.

ICON, a Mindbridge Foundation Project, is Iowa’s longest-running, fan organized science fiction and fantasy convention. Each convention features authors, artists, panels and workshops, parties, an art show, dealers room and more!

ICON 40 is being hosted at the DoubleTree Hotel and Convention Center in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This year’s guest of honor include David Gerrold, Sarah Clemens, Ann Leckie, Kalli McCandless and Jim C. Hines.

All Things Outlander | My Fandoms

Panelists: Amanda Alexander, Tara Tolly, Terri M.

Panel Description: If you dream about being whisked away to Scotland circa 1743, you should join your fellow Sassenachs for this discussion about all things Outlander.

The Times I’ve Posted about Outlander on Second Run Reviews
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My Fellow Sassenach Bloggers
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About the Panelists

About Tara Tolly

Tara Tolly, author

Tara Tolly lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with her husband and four children (two human and two canine) where she spends her days shaping the minds of impressionable fourth graders and her nights and summers shaping the lives of her make-believe characters.

She loves to escape the pressures of the real world by entering into the fictional worlds she creates within the depths of her imagination. When not immersed between the covers of a book (or in reality, the glow of her eReader) or typing away on her computer, she loves spending time with her family, running, and participating in other creative endeavors such as photography, crafting, and baking.

FIRST SUN is her first YA novel, released in September 2014 by Fire & Ice YA.

About Terri M., the Director

Terri M., the Director

Terri started watching Doctor Who in 2012 after attending ICON 37 with a friend.
Her Doctor: the 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston
Her Companion: Martha
Her Favorite Episode: "Vincent and the Doctor" Season 5, Episode 10
Her Favorite Companion that Never Was: Wilt
Her Favorite Quote: "History is a burden. Stories can make us fly." from "Robot of Sherwood", Season 8 Episode 3

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