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thoughts from the Director of Second Run Reviews

I’m staring down another cold or another bout with bronchitis. Something is prowling at the perimeter of my immune system just waiting to pounce. As a result, this past week of writing has been somewhat pathetic. I don’t have high hopes for this week as I’ve given up on getting up early. I’m sure my husband and co-workers are grateful for that decision. I thought I would get caught up this weekend, but with this impending illness, sleep has been my constant companion.

On the plus side, I am caught up on reviews. I’m finished with Winter and I took a few days to work on a how-to post. So while I haven’t written a blog post a day like I had hoped, I have managed to write more than I normally write in a week’s timespan.

Here’s what I have written so far.

My Blog Post Ideas (COMPLETED!)
  1. A Blog Post a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away | A Note from the Director
  2. A Blog Post a Day Update | A Note from the Director
  3. Black Friday Book Bonanza Giveaway Hop! #Win Big! Join the hop.
  4. The Luck o’ the Irish Be With You | Finn Finnegan by Darby Karchut
  5. Let the Past Haunt You Again | The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
  6. A Straight Forward Science Fiction Crime Novel | Lock In by John Scalzi
  7. Real or Not Real? | The Salinger Contract by Adam Langer
  8. A Bit to By the Book For Me | Bound by Duty by Stormy Smith
  9. Cozy and Predictable. It’s Wasn’t All Bad. | The Apothecary’s Daughter by Julie Klassen
  10. Winter Has Arrived. | Winter by Marissa Meyer
  11. Jeanbill | In the Spotlight
  12. What Does “We Need Diverse Books” Even Mean? | A Note from the Director
  13. A Few of My Favorite Authors | A Note from the Director
  14. How I Organize Following Other Blogs | Behind the Curtain
  15. How I Macro Manage My Blog | Behind the Curtain

Since next week is a short week, as I’m planning a brief hiatus for Thanksgiving, I thought it might be fun for my fans to select which of the non-review posts above will pop up on Monday, November 23rd. And here is what the fans selected!

blog post ideas


As for ideas that are percolating the back of head right now that will be posts in the future…

My Blog Post Ideas (for now)
  1. Discussion: Hashtags
  2. Discussion: Re-reading books
  3. Discussion: Favorite secondary/tertiary characters
  4. How To: My Blogging Routine (micromanaging)
  5. How To: How I Manage Comments
  6. How To: How I Manage My Newsletter

I’m excited to work on these other post ideas and I hope I figure out how to add more hours in the day where I can write (and not get sick).

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12 responses to “A Blog Post a Day Update | A Note from the Director

  1. Love your site! Can’t wait to read some blogging tips and I am super excited to see how you have formatted your newsletter!

  2. Well, you got FAR more done being sick than I did being non-sick (I won’t go as far as to say healthy hahah) 😀 Good job, and I hope you’re feeling better! The diversity one is the one I chose, but I am also really excited to read about how you follow blogs. I need a better system!

  3. I voted for the What Does Diverse Books Even Mean because I reeeeally want to know your take on that!! And omg, I hope you can shake off this upcoming flu. D: That sounds awful…agh.