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The Unknown Power of Books

by Swati Prakash


We all know about the obvious power of books – the knowledge, the inspiration and the numerous hours of entertainment they provide. But is there something more sinister to them at work, unknown to us overtly. Are books just books – or are they magical beings that start affecting our lives in ways we never realised?

Look at your bookshelf and look at your life – just observe and try to connect the two. Are there any similarities? Some of you will begin to realise so many…some of you may take more time. The similarities may not be literal, or they may be. The way our books connect with us may be superficial or deep rooted. Perhaps we were drawn to certain books because they called out to us, like a lost part of our soul wanting to be right back home. And no matter how much we deny it – books change us – they have changed us and will continue to change us, more deeply than we can imagine. As for me, I live in a magickal world (so do you, whether you know it or not). In my world, everything I give attention to, starts coming alive, and becoming a part of my life. And in many cases, I can tell you how your day is going to be, just by glancing at the cover of the book you are reading. You may or may not believe me, but the fact is that the words, symbols, images and objects that we surround ourselves with, have a way of affecting us in such amazing ways that if we cared to notice them, we would call it magick.

The other day my husband came back from work and it was obvious he had a very hard day. There was this entire crisis at the workplace that he was trying to sort out with little result. The book that was the culprit was titled – ‘Another Fine Mess’ – a wonderful science fiction story that was doing absolutely nothing wonderful to his days at work, simply because he was carrying it with him. The solution was fairly simple. I just took a piece of paper and wrote ‘DAY’ on it, and pasted it to cover the word ‘mess’ and requested him to carry it to work the next day. No surprises, he had one of the best days at work, everything got sorted out instantly, and no day has ever been bad ever since. The innocent looking book became a lucky charm from being an object of harm.

Yes, you might say this was a coincidence…that I am reading too deep into these symbols and words, imagining them to affect life due to an insane magical thinking syndrome that makes me a perfect candidate for psychological assessment. But the number of examples I can give you of how just the titles and images of your book cover can start becoming real for you is not even funny. Everything in the world has a power of its own, and everything we possess can start possessing us, unless we are careful.

power of books guest post swati prakash

As someone (a witch) who practices energy healing, feng-shui, religious rituals, and other things you may or may not regard with a pinch of salt, I am often called to people’s homes, to make an assessment of their space and its vibes and to give a blessing. By just looking at their homes and what all they have chosen to place in each direction it is fairly easy to guess the issues and problems they may be dealing with, and therein lies the cure too. Books are even more impactful, for they get into the mind with so many words that it is impossible to not have at least some change in your life, should you decide to change your reading habits.

Over the years my husband who is an avid reader has challenged me hundreds of times that he will not be affected by the book he reads, and if I took a penny for each time I won the bet, I would have bought a new library for him. Before you blame him for being weak of mind, consider that he is not the only one to be affected by his books – we all are, no matter how much we deny it. The reason I notice the magick of his books is that I observe him on an everyday basis. Yet the clients I have dealt with have had similar experiences, unknown to them their books were affecting them either instantly or slowly – but surely. Those of you who are water signs (your zodiac being Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) will be most easily and quickly affected, merging with the book as one, compared with those who are air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) who just breathe most of the book out as soon as you are done reading. Those among you who are fiery signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) will not only be affected themselves, they will start affecting others too either consciously or unconsciously, while the earthy ones (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will be the ones to be impacted last of all but most of all.

The cover is the most obvious part of the magick, but if you read on, the content inside the books will start working their way into your life too. Read a lot of sad stories and you will find your life sooner or later turns so melancholic that you will hardly notice the change merely owing to the fact that you have yourself changed so much. You may not even see the change as a change, because the change hardly bothers you now, it has been seamless and indiscernible. Love stories will leave you with more heartbreaks than you bargained for, because where exactly are you going to find a happy ending, leaving aside the fairy tales you stopped reading so long ago as a child. Stories of war, struggle and strife will make it harder than ever to have an easy life. Horror, theft, violence, fear, joy, hope, laughter….you can have it all …and who am I to preach. I only give a message, an advice based on some self-realisations.

So, what is the lesson here? I would only say – write and read only that which you wish to draw to you. Somehow, someday it will turn real, even if it is just fiction, and then you shall remember that I warned you first.

But do not forget – it is your life and how you change it is ultimately your choice. Now what are you going to read next?

power of books guest post swati prakesh

The Overview

Synopsis: In The Global Wicca Revolution renowned Wiccan expert Swati Prakash presents Wicca not as a secret initiatory cult but as an open movement to enlighten earth and bring about a positive change in the masses. With useful exercises, rational philosophy and self help techniques you will be able to help yourself and others as you grow on this spiritual path. Simple techniques for enhancing intuition, banishing negativity and manifesting positive energy are included along with detailed information on Wicca, the Global Wicca tradition, the Wiccan Rede and the Five Elements of Nature. Common misconceptions regarding paganism, witchcraft, magick and Wicca are addressed beautifully and clearly to help open up minds and allow the flow of higher spiritual wisdom using meditation as a guide.

Review by Witchcraft and Wicca magazine issue 24: The book contains a complete introduction to learn about Global Wicca and is very comprehensive. It includes the very strong focus on the positive morality of the Wiccan Rede as a key to not only transform your life, but ultimately lead to a better world……magick, witchcraft…the elements and developing intuition…Well written and full of interesting new ideas firmly based on Wicca, buy this book if you are considering Wicca and want a more positive life.



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