Scenic Sundays 58: A Season of Change

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Fall is hanging on here in Iowa. We are hitting some unexpected highs this weekend. And while I am not a fan of the cold and snow, I am itching for a change.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I purchased the TweakMe v2 theme from Nosegraze (affiliate link). Over the last week or so I’ve been working on a new layout for Second Run Reviews. Like winter this year, I’m trying not to rush into rolling out the new design. But it is so darn difficult to not be excited about the things I’m learning and doing and not share those things IMMEDIATELY with all of you.

So to help calm my excitement, I thought I would share where I’m headed. While I am keeping my logo and the color scheme somewhat the same (I’ll be adding light purple as an accent color), I designed a new header using Canva and am working through some new menu layouts. I thought, perhaps, after two years of blogging, my love of books and talking about books would wane a bit. But I’m as excited as ever for this next season…this next chapter…here at Second Run Reviews. And I can’t wait to share it with all my fans.

gloria whelan quote

Taken on November 5, 2015 in Marion, Iowa with an iPhone 5s.

Gloria Whelan quote
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“They were all brilliant. They wrote books and painted pictures, and if they ever stopped talking, which I was sure they would never do, they planned to change the world.” Gloria Whelan


Scenic Sundays was inspired by the last couple of minutes on CBS Sunday Morning and was created in part to help encourage me to share more of my photography.



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12 responses to “Scenic Sundays 58: A Season of Change

  1. I am so excited for your excitement about blogging and the new theme. I have worked with the Tweak Me 2 theme and it really is awesome. Enjoy my friend, cannot wait for the unvailing

    • The TweakMe v2 theme has been so freeing and inspiring. I’m looking forward to my time off so I can roll out the design and slowly work through laying out my posts. Plus, of course, I’m writing a post (or posts) about my thought process as I go along.

  2. Oh I love that red leaf picture! NIIIICE. And congrats on getting your new design up and ready..omg, it’s always sooo hard not to show everyone immediately, right?! 😛 Can’t wait to see it though!! 😀
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • It’s doubly hard when no one is the house gets how hard you worked to get an image just right or piece of code to work. Shouts of joy or LOOK LOOK at this are getting eye rolls right now.

  3. I am SO excited to see your new design! I absolutely agree with the Tweak Me 2 decision, I love it so much! I also love the picture of the leaf- it’s crazy to think that it WILL be winter in just a matter of days. Love the quote too!

    • I took this picture on my way to work one day last month. I stepped out and this lovely red leaf was trapped. The contrast was amazing. The bright red against the gray cement just spoke to me. I love moments like that as a photographer.

  4. I look forward to seeing your changes, Terri. Changes is good, I think…both on our blogs and in the weather. 😉 I’m glad your excitement over books and blogging hasn’t waned.