Join Us for the 2016 #ShelfLove Challenge! Plus the 2015 Recap

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Shelf Love Challenge 2016

All in all I did pretty well with the 2015 #ShelfLove Challenge. Yes, I did buy books, but when I look back at my bookshelves, I could easily list the books that I bought. I contemplated each purchase I made and even reduced my freebie clicks (that’s easy to do if you unsubscribe from every mailing list that offers them).

In looking back over the past year, it was a common theme among the #ShelfLove participants that restraint was learned. We learned our book buying triggers (it’s work stress for me!). It is possible to actually set a budget and stick with it. And one might be able to live without owning ALL THE BOOKS! (Although that one might be still up for debate.)

I took advantage of my Discover Rewards Dollars to buy books on Amazon. I hoarded (and never cashed in) points on MyPoints (request an invite). I have figured out last week, that I have over $25 stashed away in my iBotta app (referral link). I probably have access to over $100 that I could spend on books right now plus the holidays are coming and I’m almost certain to get more gift cards. I have definitely learned restraint, people. This was a rewarding challenge for me. Next to the Discussion Post Challenge hosted by It Starts at Midnight and Feed Your Fiction Addiction, it may have been the MOST rewarding.

February 23, 2015

Making progress on my TBR shelf #ShelfLove

August 23, 2015

Making progress on my TBR shelf #ShelfLove

December 6, 2015

Making progress on my TBR shelf #ShelfLove


It was SO rewarding that I’m happy to announce the #ShelfLove Challenge is a GO for 2016. We’ve altered the guidelines slightly, but the original intention of the Challenge is still there—read the books you already own. You get to decide the best way for you to limit your book buying. It might be an all out ban or it might be setting a book budget. And to get things kicked off, here are my reading goals for 2016.

My Reading Goals for 2016

My GoodReads Reading Challenge Goal: 52 books

My #ShelfLove Challenge Goal: At least 1/2 the books (26 books), I read will be books I obtained before January 1, 2016.

Total Number of Pages Read: at least 20,000

So if you are ready to join Brandee from Bookworm Brandee, the ladies of and I on this next chapter in the #ShelfLove Journey, click the image below to sign up. We’d love to have you!

Join the 2016 #ShelfLove Challenge


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10 responses to “Join Us for the 2016 #ShelfLove Challenge! Plus the 2015 Recap

  1. The pictures, Terri…those really show your success!! I didn’t take pictures because although I have empty spaces on my shelves now, my shelves are still overflowing. *ha* It’s so exciting that participants in this challenge, including me, have learned so much. That’s a bonus on top of having *cleaned* off 75 books from my physical and digital shelves combined. 😀 On to 2016! It’s going to be great!!

  2. Your uncluttered shelf looks so wonderful! Yay for such a rewarding challenge and I’m glad we are hosting it together 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for hosting again! I learned a lot as well…and I especially learned that if/when I take blogging breaks, I tend to let my accountability slide! Well, here’s to a new year and a fresh start…I didn’t do terribly in 2015, but I aim to do much better in 2016. And if I take a break, I am determined to not let bad habits slip back in! Happy New Year 🙂

  4. Congratulations on clearing that shelf! My shelf looks about 6x what your first photo was, and those are only my physical books! I am excited to participate in the monthly discussions! I always suck at keeping up with the happenings of each challenge. This year I need to be better about checking in.

  5. Jess G

    I discovered your challenge WAY too late to participate last year, but am definitely participating this year! I have an entire 6 foot bookcase (and a few other stacks) of unread books! Not to mention all the ebooks I’ve downloaded! My goal is to hit the 51+ level with a few minor goals thrown in. I want to read at least 10 ebooks, 4 graphic novels, and 20 themed mysteries (I have a weakness for cheesy titles, lol!). I’m already on my third book for the year, so I’m off to a good start, but I haven’t figured out my crochet projects for the year yet either so… 😉