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So this happened this week.

robin leach quote

Taken in Marion, Iowa on Friday, February 19, 2016 with an iPhone 5s.

It was close to 50 degrees on Friday in Iowa in February. This is a rare occurrence this time of year and it usually happens about the time of winter that I wish I lived in Hawaii. So even though the wind gusts were closing in on 60 miles per hour I was excited because it meant that I didn’t have to wait until June to enjoy the sunroof in my new car.

robin leach quote

Taken in Marion, Iowa on Saturday, February 13, 2016 with an iPhone 5s.

So that happened, too. I took the big plunge and purchased my first latest model new car. It’s a thrilling feeling knowing we’ve paid down our debt enough to afford the latest and greatest model of anything. It’s an accomplishment and something to be proud of. And while I was sad to say goodbye to the first car I ever bought on my own, I was more excited and proud that, as a couple, we’ve said goodbye to debt that had been chasing us for years.

Some days adulting is hard. Some days the winter days in the Midwest are depressing. But this week, I have been living the high life. Or maybe I’m just high from that new car smell. I’m not sure. Either way, this past week was pretty darn awesome.

robin leach quote
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“Champagne wishes and caviar dreams.”
Robin Leach, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous





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14 responses to “Scenic Sundays | May All Your Dreams Come True

  1. omg it so funny I’m shopping for a car now too. Second worse thing to me after job hunting. 🙁 Also debating to get my first latest model new car… or not (precisely because of other financial commitments). soooo… I’m soooo happy for you!!! The smell!!! I KNOW! Nothing like new car scent 🙂 if you could bottle it it would be a great giveaway 🙂 Happy you could say goodbye to debt as well. Adulting??? what is that (lol) oh I know… that thing I’m so bad at. 😉 it is HARD

  2. Congrats on paying off debt and being able to buy a new car! This isn’t at all comparable, but I had a great feeling yesterday when I finally ordered a new cell phone. I couldn’t afford to do that before I had a full-time job, but now I can. My next thing will, hopefully, be a new laptop, but that will have to wait a while longer.

  3. Ah yes, adulting is soo hard. Do you ever wake up and wonder how you got to be this age, in this life? Or is that just me? Congrats on the ‘new’ car! And on clearing the debt. Both things are fantastic! And I’m glad you enjoyed some warm weather as well. We had some spring-like temps, along with high wind, here. And then Monday into Tuesday, 18″ of snow. Winter isn’t done with us yet. 😉

    • No, winter is not done with us yet, but I do love this time of year with its brief peeks of what is just around the corner.

      And no, I often wonder how I ended up where I’m at at the age that I’m at.
      It’s amazing really!