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announcement echo lorena glass

by Lorena Glass

Synopsis: Echo is the first book of a trilogy that is an epic story of two cursed lovers that are constantly driven apart by time, fate, and death; while they are determined to defy all three and remain together. When one of them dies, the other time travels to the lost lover’s next (or last) incarnation. This story spans over a millennium—to several different times, places, and lives of two extraordinary human beings whose devotion to each other is endless, and whose passion for each other is deathless.

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More about Echo

A man and a woman…
They are two blended souls; one being split in two. Bound by a love that is not of this world.

A cruel curse…
Forbidden from being together in the afterlife, they suffer the same edict on Earth if they ever meet: one of them will always meet a tragic, untimely end.

Defiant ones…
They have a secret weapon. When one dies, the other goes ahead (or back) in time to their departed lover’s next (or previous) incarnation, thus defying whoever (or whatever) is determined to keep them apart.

An endless circle…
This cycle of death and reunion spans over a thousand years; love and devotion that transcends all barriers, the inevitable grief and suffering, and the question of whether or not they should break the chain of pain and loss—and whether or not they have the courage—by separating forever.

It is a love story like no other, and an adventure story that transports the reader all through time; from the Dark Ages to present day…and beyond.


What Others Are Saying about Echo

Echo by Lorena Glass is a captivating love story that does the work of two books. If you enjoy relationship-driven plots and intense romances, you will really like this novel.
By Kate M. on October 6, 2015 (Amazon Review)

Therefore, Echo is an example of non-typical YA fiction book, full of different elements, that make Echo a worthy choice for general readers who want to read something exciting, romantic and magical in same time.

Overall, Lorena Glass with her Echo managed to write a solid piece of YA fiction, delivering more than the usual offerings.
By Helpful Advice (TOP 500 REVIEWER) on June 17, 2015 (Amazon Review)

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announcemnet echo lorena glass

The Overview


Author: Lorena Glass
Published on: February 1, 2015
Published by:
Pages: 511
Genres: romance, fantasy, historical fiction



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