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A Living Within My Passions Update

I have been so lucky this past month. I’ve been able to participate in some wonderful free courses offered by other bloggers or I’ve taken advantage of deals offered on new courses. It’s been a rush and now I just have to find time to do it all. Here’s what I’ve been taking advantage of…

  • In the fall, I took advantage of Hootsuite’s deal on their Social Media Marketing Courses that were combined with a Social Media Marketing Certification. I’m happy to say I completed all the modules and am now a certified Social Media Marketer.

  • I’m learning a bit more about HTML and CSS thanks to Ashley over at Nosegraze and her Master Customizer Course. My goal right now is improve my current coding knowledge and maybe code my own MailChimp email templates.

  • Two weekends ago I took part in a free webinar offered by Caitlin at And Possibly Dinosaurs and Katie at The Passion Pixel. They offered 2 courses + some awesome bonuses. So I’ll be learning a bit more about blogging photography and about InDesign (as soon as I get InDesign). (I’m a tad nervous because one of the bonuses was a blog critique from Caitlin.)

  • Finally, I received an email from Curiosity Press about a free course for bloggers offered by Katie over a Reading Transforms called Book Blogger Bootcamp. The class size was limited and I honestly thought I didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting in, but Katie selected me to be a part of the first class!

So it’s been a busy month of signing up for stuff. Now to buckle down and LEARN!

anthony dangelo quote

Taken June 8, 2013 at Cedar Memorial in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


anthony dangelo quote
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“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” Anthony J. D’Angelo





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  1. Thanks for letting me know about my newsletter’s dark background ! I thought I had customize the default template but maybe I didn’t save it??? oh man! 🙁 which brings me to… I already know I’m going to read all your posts on MailChimp email templates if you decide to share what you learn! I’m such a neophyte in these matters! 🙂 It is great that your learning so much about blogging! 🙂