How to Select Multiple Shelves on GoodReads

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Over the weekend, I was doing some spring cleaning on GoodReads and realized that I have been a member for a long time and I often talk in general about how I use the site to manage the books I have read and the books I dream of reading.

I’ve found the customizing of shelves to be incredibly helpful especially for the #ShelfLove Challenge. In turn, I’ve found the ability to select MULTIPLE shelves invaluable when I’m trying to figure out which #ShelfLove books I’ve read or if I’m trying to give some a recommendation for a time travel novel that I also categorized as historical fiction.


How to Select Multiple Shelves on GoodReads

  1. Log into GoodReads.

  2. Click on My Books in the top navigation.

  3. Select one of your shelves in the left navigation. In order to select multiple shelves, you must have at least one already selected.
    selecting multiple shelves goodreads

  4. Scroll down and just below all your shelves and JUST above the ‘add shelf’ button there’s a link called ‘select multiple’ click it.
    selecting multiple shelves goodreads

  5. Now click the tiny plus sign (+) that appears next to any of your shelves to add the other shelf or shelves you would like to filter by.
    selecting multiple shelves goodreads

    • A tiny minus sign (-) appears next to your selected shelves.
      selecting multiple shelves goodreads

    • To remove a shelf, click the ‘X’ that appears next to shelf name at the top of the page.

  6. Click the ‘X’ next to all your filters to return to listing of all your books.
    selecting multiple shelves goodreads



And that it, that’s how you do it. So simple, right? Now you can give someone a whole list of books that fit a particular genre, reading level and format depending on how you have your shelves organized. The combinations maybe endless!


What’s your favorite GoodReads trick?


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9 responses to “How to Select Multiple Shelves on GoodReads

  1. This is very handy to know, Terri! I’ve been planning on doing some cleaning up of my shelves on GR and I had no idea I could select multiple shelves at once. Thanks so much for sharing this tip! 😀

  2. I’m constantly shelving on multiple shelves, because to me they are more like tags than shelves heh. Glad you did a tutorial on this so others can do this too.

  3. NO. WAY. How did I not know that this was a thing!?!??! GAH I love this, you are the BEST! I cannot believe that I didn’t know this could be done! And I have seen the “select multiple” button, but I didn’t ever even give it a thought! Nice work!