Scenic Sundays | Celebration Time! In the Spotlight is 1 Year Old!

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in the spotlight celebration

One year ago in 2015, I got the wild and crazy idea to give authors (and bloggers) a platform to promote their craft. It would be a free feature and range from interviews to guest posts, book release announcements and more. I figured I would struggle to fill the weekly spots. How naive I was! I’m sitting here in early April and I’m already booked out until November! (HINT! If you want to promote a holiday book sale or book announcement, you better sign up now!)

My first interview was with Christian Schoon. A local author I haven’t met (yet), but he took a chance on me and In the Spotlight was off. [Check out the interview]


in the spotlight celebration


Over 30 authors have been featured. They given books and gift cards away. They’ve shared details about their craft. I’ve gotten a few to spill their secret obsessions (I bonded with M.K. Wiseman recently) and give us some words of wisdom. This feature has had a profound impact on me as a blogger and a reader.

As I find and/or finish books now I’m actively reaching out to authors to be featured. Rysa Walker, author of Timebound which I just finished recently, will be featured later this year. It’s how I got connected to K.M. Weiland, who was featured in January and K.L. Horvath, who will be featured on Friday.


in the spotlight celebration


Thank you to everyone that has been featured or will be featured on In the Spotlight. Thank you to everyone who reads In the Spotlight and helps me to spread the word about great authors. I appreciate each and every one of you.

To celebrate In the Spotlight turning a year old, I reached out to every author that had been featured through March 31st of this year. I asked for feedback about the feature and guess what?! Some of them were kind enough to respond and help me sponsor some fantastic giveaways. So without further ado…(because I know what you are really here for)…the giveaways!


in the spotlight celebration


In the Spotlight Celebration

Giveaways offered at Second Run Reviews. Various sponsors.


in the spotlight celebration





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17 responses to “Scenic Sundays | Celebration Time! In the Spotlight is 1 Year Old!

  1. TheSeedQueen

    While I do have a soft spot for Dennis W. Green, but Emerald O’Brian stands out because she actually responded to me in the comments section. That was cool.

  2. Faye Gates

    I have to be honest. This is my first time here. I really like your blog, and have signed up for your newsletter.