A Love Letter to My Local Library

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National Library Week is April 10 through the 16. In honor of NLW, this month’s #ShelfLove Discussion post topic is a love letter to your library. You can learn more about NLW at the American Library Association website or drop by your local library, I’m sure they’d love to see you.


How I Love My Library, Let Me Count the Ways

My library is the Marion Public Library in Marion, IA (not to be confused with the Marion Public Library in Marion, IN). They are part of the Metro Library Network which gives me access to the Hiawatha Public Library and the Cedar Rapids Public Library. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. I can review the entire physical collection from home in my pjs, put a physical book on hold and pick it up on my way to get coffee at Wit’s End.

  2. Or I can review the entire digital collection in the middle of the night (when I can’t sleep_ and download a new book in the wee hours of the morning.

  3. My library sponsors cool events like this…
    Terri and Charlaine

  4. And this…

  5. And this…

  6. And let’s not forget this…

  7. My library sponsors a summer reading program for adults that involves an End of the Summer Party with giveaways, music and drinks after hours at the library.

  8. My library is actually THREE libraries in one! And they are great partners with the area they serve. Check out the Linn Area Reads program and the Out Loud! author series.

  9. My library sponsors other amazing educational events like the Urban Chickens series and hobby focused events like Adult Coloring.

  10. My library helps me travel the world without leaving my own backyard.

Where is your library? What special events do they sponsor? How do you get involved with your library? Why do you love your library? If they are on social media, give them a shoutout!

Quick #ShelfLove Challenge Update

I’ve hit a bit of a wall. Things have been stressful at work and I am coming home exhausted. I started listening to a book I own (Airborn by Kenneth Oppel) and then a book I’ve been waiting since December to re-read via audiobook became available so I moved from Airborn over to The Nightingale. So I’ve only finished two #ShelfLove books, and I started two others. I just keep bouncing around the books I already own and can’t seem to settle on one. So I’m tad frustrated right now.


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13 responses to “A Love Letter to My Local Library

      • I did it! I checked out an audiobook and I’m really enjoying it. When our library first got Overdrive, it was nearly impossible to use. Downloading things took FOREVER and it was a huge pain. My techie husband wanted to tear his hair out! So, I had dropped the idea of getting audiobooks from my library. But that was years ago and it has WAY improved – thanks for inspiring me to give it another try!

  1. Wow, Terri. Your library sounds great! I should check if mine has author signings. Though, like their book clubs, the signings will likely be during the day while I’m at work!

    • Actually, Lynn, most of our events are in the evenings and afternoons! So I get to participate in quite a few. Check to see if you library has an email newsletter or is active on social media. I’ve found that it is the best way to find out about upcoming events and add them to my social calendar!

  2. Props on the rubby slippers!!!

    My post will be up next week, Terri. My library is a bigger one tho and I’m sure they host events… but I just don’t know or even care to find out! Ahaha I’ll have to check their events next time! ?

  3. Your library sounds pretty awesome! I need to get involved with my local library/ies; I know at least one of them is looking for volunteers.

    • I would like to get more involved in mine, too. My sister volunteers at her library via the Friends of the Library program. I know my library has one of those, but I haven’t taken the step to sign up yet.