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There are times in life when being positive and being optimistic seems so impossible. Trust me, I’m there right now. As a result, I’ve been quiet and focused and stuck in maintenance mode.

You see, I got sick again at the end of March. Bronchitis again. Work through a stress ball at me and my health reacted. Not surprising. But in the third day of my illness and third day of working from home, my best friend and work spouse texted me with the news that she had just been laid off and walked out of the building. Two hours later, I had a one-on-one with the head of my department and she told me another colleague had been let go that morning as well. The layoffs were not new news, but to have one’s best friend, the person who hired you and helped shape your work ethic and career, let go, has been gut wrenching.

My friend, I’m not sure how she’s done it, has remained relatively positive throughout this whole event. And by the end of six weeks, she found a new job…in Kansas City. And a half hour after she broke the news to me, my husband was in a car accident. He was unhurt. Thank God. I’ve been an emotional wreck is accurate.

Vacation is now officially a month away. I definitely will need it. I’ve not planning every minute of this trip as I’ve done for vacations in the past. I’m going on vacation from my project management ways. I’ve decided to take advantage of visiting a city I’m familiar with and take advantage of a cozy bed & breakfast. Relaxing is the number item on the agenda. And trust me, I’m counting the days…


Taken on April 23, 2016 at Palisades-Kepler State Park near Mount Vernon, Iowa with a Canon Rebel T3i.


rachel caine quote
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“Hard habit to break, friendship.” Rachel Caine, Paper & Fire


so question for you...


What words of advice do you have as I get used to not having my best friend 3 miles away from me?


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4 responses to “Scenic Sundays | A Bit of an Explanation

  1. Oh gosh Terri that’s a lot of things happening at once! It is so hard to have a best friend not around anymore, especially one who made work time so much better. It will certainly take planning and coordination, but you can still maintain a friendship even if it won’t be the same.

  2. Having had the experience of moving away from where my BFF lived, my advice is to talk on the phone and keep up with each other online as much as possible. Also, when it comes to visiting, make her your top priority. My BFF lives two hours away, and when she can come up to see me, or I actually have enough money to put in my gas tank to drive down to see her, I make sure it’s very clear to everyone else that, barring emergencies, she will be first ahead of everyone and everything else for that day.
    I hope things have gotten better or are at least getting better since Sunday.

    • Thanks, Rachelle. I’m sure it will definitely be doable just need to get past the initial leaving phase and we’ll be able to figure it out and hopefully not feel so bummed about it!