30 Free Audiobooks! SYNC is Back! Awesome!

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sync audiobooks 2016 free audiobooks

A couple years a go a close friend and author introduced me to the SYNC audiobook program. Let me tell you I was skeptical. I had tried listening to audiobooks in the past, but had always fallen asleep or gotten distracted and lost track of the plot. “SYNC is free,” she said. “Two books free every week for the entire summer.” Always a sucker for a deal when I trying something I gave audiobooks another shot. After listening to a couple of amazing books, I was sold on audiobooks and now I’m always on the hunt for more.

Why I love audiobooks

Podcasts lead me to audiobooks.

Back in the day I was a HUGE fan of Lost. I was sucked into the story, the mystery and the underlying message that every fan was trying to suss out. I started listening to a couple of podcasts on my way to work. I believe my favorite was called Lost Casts. I was totally absorbed in the show and the podcasts. And then Lost ended and I was left blowing in the breeze…


Put some purpose in your commute.

After whatever number of years listening to Lost podcasts on my way to work going back to the radio was jarring. I didn’t know the music and my 20 minutes drive was filled with screaming car commercials. It was like I travelled through time and didn’t recognize what was coming out of that box in my dash. Audiobooks fill that box in my dash with purpose. It gives me something else to look forward to beside the end of the work day and that makes me happy.


Multi-tasking with books.

I drive to work and haven’t figured out how to hold a physical book or my iPad and watch the road at the same time. So having an audiobook queued up on my iPhone or old iPhone Touch (because my phone can’t hold all my audiobooks) has been wonderful. And in my new car, it automatically starts the book once car starts. INSTANT BOOK AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON. IT’S MAGIC, PEOPLE, MAGIC!


It’s a great way to re-read a book.

Do you have a book you absolutely love, but hate being torn between all the new shiny books and your trusty well-loved ones? Try it on audiobook. I’ve discovered new things about an old favorite upon listening to it. Check out my re-read of Outlander from last year.


Tackle a tough book by having someone else read it to you.

I would never have made it as far in the Fire and Ice series by George R.R. Martin if not for two things…the TV show (George kind of sucks at people descriptions. How do you tell everyone a part in the books?!) and the audiobooks. By not having to worry about how to pronounce Daenerys Targaryen and giving that task to a professional narrator, as a reader, I can let go and focus on the plot and get totally sucked in.


Make Your Super Power Reading More than One Book at a time.

As a bookworm…I mean book dragon…I try to consume…I mean read as many pages as I can in a single year. So for me listening to audiobooks means that I can read more than one book at a time. And that my friends, is the best thing about audiobooks. They will help me accomplish the one goal that all book dragons have…READ ALL THE BOOKS.

And that leads me to a great source for FREE audiobooks…



SYNC is back this summer and there are some wonderful books on tap.

There is usually one newer YA book paired with a classic. THAT’S 30 BOOKS FREE! The books are only available for download for one week and week one is coming to a close soon. And over the last couple of years, I’ve been able to listen to some of the hottest YA titles.

You can visit the SYNC Audibook web site to learn more about this year’s selections, listen to samples and download each week’s books. Have fun and happy reading!

sync audiobooks 2016 free audiobooks
Do you listen to audibooks? What book is a must listen in your opinion? Have you participated in the SYNC Audiobook program before? Do you think you’ll participate this year?


Still Not Sure about Audiobooks?

Check out these reviews of past SYNC selections that I’ve reviewed.


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13 responses to “30 Free Audiobooks! SYNC is Back! Awesome!

  1. TheSeedQueen

    I just discovered audiobooks last year. My library is my go to source (I don’t even have to leave the house thanks to online checkout). Multi-tasking is my favorite part. How else can I fit in my books with 3 kids unning around? Mowing a farm lawn or nursing a little one at 3AM becomes a time to crack open a book without actually cracking open a book. Heck I can fold mountain of laundry or wash a tower of dishes during nap-time and still READ!

    • If you are using Overdrive to get your library books, you should definitely check out the SYNC program. I download the files and import them into iTunes, change the type to Audiobooks and then I have a store of books! I’m especially excited about this week’s selection, The Sin Eater’s Daughter. It caught my eye last year upon its release.

  2. YEZ! I absolutely LOVE audiobooks! I think I wrote multiple posts about it, already!

    Obvs, a good audiobook should have 1) an awesomw compelling book and 2) an equally awesome and compelling narrator!

    Have you listened to Graceling by Kristin Cashore? It’s one of the best audiobooks I ever read. This was done by Full Cast Audio..and by full cast, I really mean full cast…and it also has a few music bytes within the audio!

    Another narrator that I love is Tavia Gilbert reading The Night Huntress novels by Jeaniene Frost. She does the voice of Bones superbly, I thought it was a different narrator!

    Byw, thanks for alerting me to this program! I signed up!

    • Zeee, I started listening to a book I’ve already read (before The Nightingale suddenly became available) and it was a full cast recording! It was so amazing. I want to get back to it. 🙂

      Glad to hear you signed up for SYNC.

  3. I have not tried audiobooks in any form. I don’t like being read to in any setting because it doesn’t click all the time. I prefer to read with my eyes. There are times I listening to a book would be wonderful I am sure, but I just haven’t attempted it yet.

  4. Wow, this absolutely awesome, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before :O Passing this along to a few friends I know that love audiobooks. I’ve always wanted to get into them but struggle, I think I need to try a reread of favorite like you suggested.

    • I haven’t listened to any of the new SYNC books yet. I pulled one out from last year (Beautiful Creatures). I was lucky enough to find Landline in audio CD format at Half Price Books so that’s my current listen.