An Enjoyable Puzzle with Flashbacks Through Time

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book review lake house morton

Book Review
The Lake House by Kate Morton

Kate Morton is the master of weaving multiple storylines together. In The Lake House, there are multiple stories being told—Sadie is a detective with a secret, Eleanor is a mother with a secret and Alice is a daughter with a secret. Alice and Sadie exist in the present time and Eleanor exists in the past. The stories of these three women share a common theme and are slowly revealed through research and flashbacks.

As a long time fan of Morton’s work, I’m always trying to dissect and figure out what the major secret is in her novels. I nearly had this one figured out before the grand reveal. This was exciting for me as I’m not sure that I’ve been able to do that with any of the other books of hers that I have read. It was rewarding to have figured most of it out. It was the final piece that I didn’t get, but I don’t think there were enough textual clues to have figured it out before the end. As result, that final mystery fell a bit flat.

My favorite part about The Lake House was the insight into Alice’s life as a writer. Because the story revolves around Alice reflecting on her life growing up, the reader is able to witness an author being born. It was quite intriguing to see how the events in Alice’s life, especially the disappearance of her brother, Theo, shaped her as a writer. You’ll have to decide, as you read the book, if her obsession with observing others and writing EVERYTHING down was a positive influence on her life or not.

The Lake House is another wonderful addition to Morton’s body of work. While not my favorite of Morton’s because of the final reveal, I did enjoy Sadie’s journey through time to discover the truth behind Theo disappearance and Alice’s reflections on her life as she discovered the truth about her family—a truth she thought she knew already.


book review lake house morton


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An Enjoyable Puzzle with Flashbacks Through Time

The Lake House

Author: Kate Morton
Published on: October 20, 2015
Pages: 492
Genres: mystery, historical fiction, adult
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My Rating: Thumbs Up

About Kate Morton

KATE MORTON grew up in the mountains of south-east Queensland and lives now with her husband and three young sons in Brisbane. She has degrees in dramatic art and English literature, specialising in nineteenth-century tragedy and contemporary gothic novels. Kate harboured dreams of joining the Royal Shakespeare Company until she became sidetracked writing novels, and still feels a pang of longing each time she goes to the theatre and the house lights dim.

Kate used to hide to read when she was small, and still believes that reading should be so pleasurable it feels almost illicit. Her favourite novels are the sort that you can disappear inside, and the thing she most likes hearing from readers is that they stayed up far too late turning pages.

Kate Morton has sold over 10 million copies in 26 languages, across 38 countries. The House at Riverton, The Forgotten Garden, The Distant Hours and The Secret Keeper have all been number one bestsellers around the world, and Kate's fifth novel, The Lake House, will be published in October 2015.

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